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What ROD, REEL, LINE SETUP to use for different SWIMBAIT types??? (How To & Tips)

Chris Zaldain goes over the specific rigging and rod, reel, and line setups he uses with different swimbait types.

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  1. I know the Omen is better than the Defy but the second version of the Defy 8 ft 2 to 8 oz Swimbait rod has a really nice soft tip very similar to my Dobyns. I love it. It got me my PB a month ago. 8 lbs 24 inch in Massachusetts. It's incredible for a hundred bucks.

  2. Thanks for the great content! I bought the swim bait setups you recommended, and I am going to try the two rods only approach. I will be fishing from my kayak any advice. Thanks

  3. New subscriber just found your channel, I just got into Swimbaits I mainly bank fish ponds or lakes.
    Got a daiwa coastal 200 hs and the dobyns 795swb
    Black braid 40 lb with a 25 invsxz leader

  4. My swimbait setups are simple…NO LEADERS….1-3 oz baits 25lb. Sunline Super Natural mono or 20lb. Big Game…over 3 oz…30lb. Sunline Super Natural or 25lb. Big game….there's not a bass in the world that will break those lines, and the very minimal stretch in higher pound test is just enough to help keep the fish pinned…the price is right, to change out a few times/year…many use braid..many use fluoro..many use braid-leader, and many use mono…keep it simple, as overthinking it will lead to less fish & more headaches..Fish don't care

  5. Good info! Just wanted to follow up and ask, do you ever use braid/braid to leader for swimbaits? Are you confident you can throw most of your stuff on 25lb test?

  6. Hey Chris, I’ve been wanting to get into swim bait fishing and I just picked up some of the bass mafia 6 inch dangerous swim baits and I wanted to know what kind of reel and rod would you recommend for bank fishing in Florida?

  7. Thanks neighbor ! We all appreciate you taking time to "dumb it down" for us ! I've just got 1st 13 reels, and so far, I'm super impressed ! Keep that awesome content coming, and good luck this season !

  8. Great video but some qualifications need to be made regarding the use of mono with larger swimbaits. Using mono with swimbaits, particularly BIG expensive swimbaits, can be a dangerous, risky proposition. The stretch alone , particularly when you backlash, can cause unexpected expensive break offs. Add to that, the wear on the line from a single outing alone, can necessitate a complete spool replacement of your line. Using a better line like a composite is a much better choice; better wear and tear resistance, less frequent risks of break offs, no need to replace all your line, only the part that’s worn can be cut off! In a lot of cases especially with top water baits, the better choice is still to go with a good braid attached to an 18-24” section of your favorite leader material, ideally mono for topwater baits that’s replaced frequently. Just my two cents.

  9. Perfect, Chris. Your simple deconstruction of this process takes the intimidation out of it for a beginner. I especially like that you show how much your line choice affects rod action. Killer job bro!..

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