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Episode #1, WHAT IS A SWIMBAIT, is part of a yearlong fishing series from Chris Zaldain and Lakeport Media Group’s Mindfood …


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  1. Awesome content ! Just started throwing one & to say I like it would be an understatement ,but is there a time of year they are more effective or do you throw them all year ?

  2. Been addicted for to Swimbaits for 5 years now. In Massachusetts we occasionally get a 7 or 8. My PB is 7 on a Triple trout from Manny Chee.Lanciotti psycho trout works amazing!

  3. I’m officially taking the leap into the swimbait world! Honestly it’s mainly because of you that I’ve decided to do it. Where I’m at is kind of a weird spot. We don’t have smallies and our large don’t get giant like Florida, Texas, Cali,etc. state record has been 10lbs for 43 years. But it’s time to chase those 5-8lb fish are lurking! It all starts Friday when my rod arrives. Thanks for inspiring

  4. Been throwing now for 5 years nothing but big custom baits gets very expensive and the grind is real but the payoff is worth every bit of it I fished once 10 hours a day for 3 months with 0 results when I first started almost gave up then I figured out a little bit Then the magic happens the mojo comes now 5 years in and $30000 worth of gear and custom baits I will never stop its a true addiction best I ever had I dont fish tourneys I fish alone 99% of time nothing better Great Video!!! Cheers!! :))

  5. What is a swimbait? It's those big lures I'm so frickin' addicted to buying! 😄 Big wakes, big topwaters, big worms, big swim/glides…it's a serious addiction…a big 10" Rat, is the lure that started my big bait craze…so many cool big swimbaits on the market!!

  6. On my body of water the average bass is 2lbs or just under…watching your videos are what got me to buy my first Mag Draft. Still lookin for that muffin topper but she’s comin I can feel it.

  7. I'll be that guy, I love big Swimbaits. With that said it's not the be all when it comes to catching large bass. Josh Jones just caught a 60lb bag on a swim jig. Milliken fishing been hammering bass in the same state. In reference to him he is dialed in with livescope. For a professional to be on here saying catching one fish in 4 days in a trophy state is brutal. Yes big baits work great but putting the bait Infront of the fish is the key

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