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Creek Bass Cannot Resist This Swimbait!

Let me show you the most effective bait for catching just about anything on an Alabama Backwater fishing trip! I’m going to show you how to use small swim baits effectively and where to find them. Ya’ll come join me on this fun fishing adventure!

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  1. 6 pound bass that I caught in a tiny little pond on my trout fishing rod! Caught it on a swimbait and it came off right as I got it to land, I was able to grab it before it made its way back in. Awesome memory I got someone to snap a pic before I put her back in!

  2. If you ever get a chance or want to, try out some Keitech 3 inch swimbaits. I don't have saltwater in north Georgia of coarse but I just found these about 8 months ago and they work super amazing. They are soft but hands down the best action iv ever seen in a swimbaits I love em

  3. I accidentally caught around a 5-6 lb bass when I was fishing for bluegills. 4 lb test on ultralight panfish setup. #6 cricket hook 😂. Scared the crap out of me at Lake Purdy.

  4. 7 lb 10 oz in a Mo. farm pond you could cast across. Also packed with 2+ lb crappie all day long.
    I really enjoy these colder water back buoys, creeks, and coves this time of year. Do plow some mud every so often though.

  5. Hey Steve,
    One option you could try would be to wrap non-wax dental floss around the shank of the hook under the loop, and set with loctite jel superglue. Put the bait over the floss with a bit of the superglue, and It'll hold up fairly well.
    Good luck, sir. And keep on fishin and eating em!

  6. Man you tore up the Large Mouth Bass, Mangrove, and Speckled Trout! Have you been fishing since you were a kid? You’re a really good fisherman sir! Ono is too cute!!!

  7. I’m not sure how much my LMB weighed but it was about 6 inches long and not very fat. Lol. I love your videos and how you switch things up. This was also a fun one! Ono is adorable!

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