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This MASSIVE Misconception About Swimbait Fishing Is Costing You Bass

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  1. Yes 1 fast reel turn 1 second pause do this 2 to 3 times. 3 max so you don't go to far away from a possible strike zone. Fast crank 3 seconds pause 3 to 5 seconds letting swim bait sink more then use 1 fast reel crank 1 second pause 2 to 3 times. Mix it up then let sink 3 to 5 seconds then a 3 second moderate reel turn. 1 fast reel turn 1 second pause alternate to see which works best to give a erratic but more realistic presentation as live bait fish or creatures that fish eat have an erratic presentation when swimming

  2. I always appreciate how informative you guys are in your videos and with your technique. Now if I can only force myself to implement what I learn instead of continuing to resort back to the same ol comfortable techniques.

  3. I like the idea of using underspins while ticking the bottom. Have had success in warmer months in the river but need to experiment more in cold water.

  4. Thanks guys. Jonny I use a $30 spinning reel because of the Shimano trigger reel (Sycopate) I am so used to that trigger it drives me nuts not to use it. That being said a $30 reel doesn't last me long and if I could buy a spinning reel of better quality with a trigger I would.
    Bought my grandson the Black Max Abu you like and it's not bad but does have a cheap feel.

  5. A good way to improve your swimbait techniques is to practice in a swimming pool so you can clearly see what its doing without all the guess work. You'll learn how to adjust your retrieves so that you cam visualize what your bait is doing at any given pace. You'll also learn how much to very your retrieve and how much effort is needed to impart any subtle change ups, so the action looks as natural as possible. You'll lean what differences different Jig heads and rigs will impart in your presentation so you can make better choice. You'll also notice the differences that particular types of line and/or different pound tests of line will impart to your presentation.

    With underspins, often times people don't realize the limits of their retrieve speeds. When it's too fast, your bait starts turning over or swimming on its side. When it's too slow, the blade or tail on your particular swimbait rig may not even start spinning or kicking.

  6. Great tips. Great point about where the fish are laying around & feeding. This channel is awesome. You efficiently educate anglers with a variety of approaches without being a sales channel.

  7. Absolutely Jonny! I’ve caught far more bass with a small swimbait while creeping it on bottom and am convinced that the underspin blade clicking rocks is the key. This even works in crystal clear water. I’ve also noticed that when that bait is “popped” free from a stick, log or rock, that bass smack it as it darts away. Great video.

  8. All great tips, but I can’t wait to try Jonny’s because I think with the under spin blade hitting the rocks will be a successful technique in the dirtier water that I fish. Thanks guys!👍

  9. Johnny has the strangest rod/reel selections. I get that he likes to make a point of using cheap reels because expensive reels aren’t really important for bass fishing, but an MH powered rod with 6lb line is wild, especially when your bait is so small

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