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What I WISH Someone Would’ve TOLD ME About Texas Rig Fishing!

What I wish someone would’ve told me about texas rig fishing! The texas rig is one of the most popular bass fishing lures of all time and is a very basic technique. However, this can cause some basic texas rig fishing tips to be overlooked! Learn how to fish a texas rig in today’s video and all the little tips that help me catch more fish on a texas rig!

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  1. Great video. I fish weightlesx texas rigged soft plastics most of the time here in South Africa. I find that it is more effective in the heavy grass farm dams we fish by pitching it into the holes in the grass. Caught a nice 8 pound fish this past weekend. Thanks for a great channel.

  2. This was a fun one. I hope the rest of the day was just as productive.
    The only thing I should have known about the Texas rig was when to swing with a lighter, smaller hook. Yes, I launched a few curly tail worms being impatient. But I’d love to do all over again 👍
    Be good

  3. God bless you for being in Florida. That sunshine 🌞 is making me envious. A bad trait, but it will come in a couple of months. Enjoy your content. Especially about setting the hook at certain times.

  4. Why not put the bobber stop 2-6" from hook eye? I know it varies from place to place. I'm here in PGH. Gonna be a while before I get my kayak out. Thanks.

  5. Hey, Nathan! Just bought a bass kit from Walmart ($15-$20, super cheap for the deal) and it came with offset hooks, three different sizes of Senkos (about a dozen each, all really good green pumpkin or olive drab), some OD speed worms, some big blue and purple curly tail worms, and the cream of the crop some green pumpkin lizards.

    So this video couldn't have come at a better time lol Too bad I have to wait for ice out on most of my lakes – but I did throw some spawn sacs for trout for a little while earlier, so at least I get the chance to land something (got squat 😆)

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