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Winter Bass Are NOT Where You Expect – Don’t Get Left Out!

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  1. Totally agree with the tip of "don't rule out a squarebill". A squarebill definitely can be great lure for this time of the year! It's one lure amongst others that I've always got tied on!

  2. Hey Randy I love your videos can you tell me what color is that mega bass vibrating crank can’t seem to find it in that color and where you get it thanks

  3. Yooo, stop telling people about this bait, it’s already got a reputation. I’m seeing more and more people notice it. I’m just kidding, lol. The Money badger has been great all fall and winter.

  4. Hard to pick just one tip all three of you had great points that you pointed out and I plan on using all three when I get out fishing. Thanks for the great tips and videos look forward to more🎣🎣🎣

  5. On using the money badger: suppose I don’t have one or any slow rise crank baits available. Can I take a faster rising one and add suspend trips or, dots to slow the rise?

  6. The older Lucky Craft RC 1.5 square-bills have always been a winter time staple for me! Even when the flat sides started to come out and got more prolific, I've never strayed away from those Lucky Craft RC 1.5's… I guess it was a confidence bait for me over the years.. but I've always gotten bit on that bait!! And I've been able to put it in places that flat sides can't go.. but there are times and places for flat sides and something more subtle.. but you can't beat the older RC 1.5.. my opinion anyway!! Good video as always and of course Matt coming out with an abundance of knowledge. Don't get me wrong Randy has enough knowledge to share and has probably forgotten more than most people will ever learn, Matt just fish's more of my style so I can relate to his commentary more. But I'll have to give it to Randy though I have gotten better at jig fishing just by watching and utilizing a few tips and some of his videos! 🎣✌️

  7. Love the"Juice: y'all give us almost daily. Best to I took out of this video was actually a comment from Matt & Jimi saying that flatsided crankbait get hung up often so try the square bill or slow rising bait.

  8. I understand about thinking outside the box on lure selection, though it usually comes out of desperation later in the day of nonproductive fishing. Guess bad habits are hard to break. I'll put down the jig on shallow cover and try the square bills a little more often. Keep up the good work trying to teach us hardheaded old dogs a new trick or two. 👍✌

  9. Great video. Slow rolling a lipless is my favorite way to catch em. Every once in a while add a big sharp hop. Then expect the strike. Caught some big ones that way!

  10. Feel like the sweeping technique is strong not only with lipless baits but with others as well such as spinnerbaits this time of year. Really enjoy the various perspectives from each angler. The only thing I enjoy more than the channel
    Is Bridgeford Beef Jerky! 😂

  11. Thanks very much for sharing. We have had success with that Lucky Craft craw Square Bill in Indiana. Will be using more "plugs" this year. Matt recommended the Money Badger, we have ordered some.
    Great information!

  12. I became a Fish The Moment subscriber some time ago and told young anglers to go there for extremely good information. From that channel I became acquainted with Matt Stefan and Randy Blaukat and now Fishing Declassified so I now tell guys who are wanting to learn about all these channels. Great stuff guys. I’ve been bass fishing since the mid 70’s and still love to listen and learn.

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