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Fishing The Best Trophy Bass Fishery In The Country (LOW WATER!!)

Hey my friends, thanks for the wait. Hope you all had a safe holiday, and I’m happy to be back to the regularly scheduled programming.
Took a trip down to Texas with Ace and Billy, and this is part 1. Part 2 is up RIGHT NOW over on @AnglersChoiceMarine channel where I catch one of the biggest fish of my life.

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  1. Bro you should do a how to video showing how to make a glide bait wide glide, because people like me that are just starting fishing a glide have trouble like I did of it gliding one way and when you do another reel turn it continues to glide the same way instead of gliding back the other way

  2. That 8lbs 11oz bass was nice man and good call throwing and retrieving the glide like you did. I also wanted to say I love that boat and the huge front deck you got it's nice and i love seeing you come from that ol jon boat with decks made of steet signs to where you are. It's awesome seeing your success man. Thanks for the content and keep doin your thing brother. -Ben

  3. Hey I'm just starting to glide bait fish and I have trouble getting the side to side glide action, like I will do the short quarter turns and it will go to the right then when I do another turn it goes the same way, what am I doing wrong?

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