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You’ll NEVER Rig a Fluke the Same After Watching This!

You’ll never rig a fluke the same after watching this! The zoom super fluke is an excellent bass fishing bait and catches fish in almost all bodies of water. Bass fishing with a super fluke mimics all forms of baitfish and always catches a ton of bass but the hookup ratio can suffer on this bait and can become frustrating to fish. Learn this new way to rig a zoom super fluke to catch more bass and save money fishing!

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  1. I've got screw lock bullet weights I use for most of the time when fishing with plastics. They work great but haven't been able to find them this year to restock.

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  3. i find my hit rates skyrocket when i NOSE hook my flukes with 2, 3, 4 sized smaller hooks …. bass almost always inhale/hit their prey near the head rather than tail first

  4. Owner Twistlocks are great for flukes and longer paddle tails. Rig em weedless and have no fear of getting hung up on grass, structure or dock piling. And the work!

  5. With all due respect, I see quite a few anglers miss bites on the fluke simply because they set the hook to quickly ripping the fluke away from the fish and in the process it damages the fluke as well.. Durability wise the issue i see these days is the materials being used is often to hard vs material such as Plastisol which is soft and appealing in a fishes mouth. the harder materials offer realism and detail making the fluke look more like a bait but often many of these lure more anglers than fish.

    Hard to beat Zoom flukes at $3.00 a bag of 10 during bass pro shops spring sales. Bent packaged zooms can be straightened out by boiling in hot water ,gently stretching, and you can add some salt as well .

  6. Hook it opposite and let the hook make a hump in the back with the tip coming out the bottom. This will put a little downward tilt to the tail and that keeps the fluke in water when you twitch it

  7. I have been using flukes for over 28 years, so using a different type of hook may be just a bit more helpful. Something to think about. Great video sir and thanks.

  8. Ever try the weedles hooks 'TT Lures Chinlockz'? whats your opinion on them vs screw locks. – Ive never tried screw locks and thinking about giving them a go.

  9. Nathan, don't have ask this….. but y would u use flro, when it sinks. Mono floats, all I'm gonna say. You tell us all this about rod, reel, tech., then u use wrong line for a fluke??????????? And bass pro sells a plastic fixer for your soft plastics, I bought just for flukes. I can get 3 or 4 fish on 1 fluke. I will find name and put it on here. Stuff works GREAT!! LOVE YOUR VIDS AND CHANNEL, JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND LINE CHOICE.

  10. I can honestly say I've never found a problem fishing flukes on an offset roundbend in 4/0, and I've had triple digit fish days on the Columbia with a bag of flukes, a couple hooks and a small bottle of Mendit

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