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In 30 Years of Fishing I have NEVER seen this…

Is this the result of global warming? Is the apocalypse coming??

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  1. I had a first the other day. I’ve been bass fishing exclusively for about 7 years and in those 7 years I’ve never seen this before until about 3 days ago. A maybe 2 pound IF THAT bass had a good 10 inch rainbow trout in its mouth with only about 3 inches of its tail sticking out. Pretty crazy to me lol

  2. Last week I was in Los Angeles. On my way to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cocamungo I passed a street named Miliken…. Congrats, you have a street named after you in Los Angeles and everybody going to the Bass Pro Shop sees it…..

  3. Seeing those fish on beds that early is your welcome to SE Texas. It won't be the last time you see males on beds in January here. You will likely see them in the little pocket at the beginning of the video in January more years than not. I would really like to see you do some of your Livescope video's on that lake in early June. The big fish can really stack up on the brushpiles then on that lake.

  4. So proud of you mf'r. Been watching not long after you started youtubing and your videos and personality have come light-years. Proud to say you are a role model of mine. Would love to fish with ya if ya came to va metro area sometime. Tight lines bud. Going pro? GL

  5. My personal best was 13.2 pounds..caught in bonita springs Florida in 2 feet of water under a drain pipe in the canal system for a golf course. Almost 30 years ago now. I miss Florida so much… tight lines man!

  6. Big fan of your videos. Have been for a long time. Not a fan of you throwing your scrap line in the water (12:32) even if it is in the heat of the moment.

    Maybe spin it up and put in the glove box or in your pocket until you can get to a garbage can. Scrap line in props or tangled around wildlife isn’t cool.

  7. Bro I know you been fishing for a long time….However, I think you need to chill out just a tad bit on your hook sets. That crazy throttle is not necessary. When you do that, you make the hole in their mouth bigger than it should be. If they jump, it is probably more likely that it comes off. When your hook set breaks your line, you should right away know that you are setting too hard bro. I'm just trying to help you. We fish completely different areas, not like you are my competition or anything. I never miss that many fish dude. Plus you set way too fast, you need to let them have it like .5 seconds longer bro. You don't even give them time to eat the whole bait…. that's why you were losing baits and had no fish on it. Just give it a try bro. Just hold the trigger a fraction longer before going ape shit and dont set it so damn hard. You look like me trying to penetrate a tarpons boney mouth.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. I’m just gonna start commenting on every video “ hey I know where that is.” 😂😂 get the comments slamming on your videos. Even though I’ve never fished in Texas lol. I need to start I’m actually in Austin right now working. I work in Texas a lot I need to start bringing my fishing gear. Actually I’m about to add the milliken travel rod to my cart now. You bet

  9. The best walleye fish cheater received new charges today.

    Chase Cominsky


    A Hermitage man awaiting trial in Cleveland for allegedly cheating in a fishing tournament , who is as well accused of stalking and harassing a woman in Mercer County faces a new charge for allegedly giving his son two phony $100 bills to spend at a bowling alley.

    Hermitage Police have charged 36-year-old Chase Cominsky with conspiracy, while his 18-year-old son Kayden is charged with forgery, counterfeiting, conspiracy, and theft by deception.

    According to a complaint filed in court, an officer was called to Ten Pin Alley on East State Street in late January where someone had passed two counterfeit $100 bills to pay for several games of bowling.

    Police say the bills were obviously phony since they were printed with the phrases “For Motion Picture Purposes” and “Not legal tender”.

    After reviewing surveillance video, conducting interviews, and reviewing mobile phone texts, police say Kayden gave one of his friends the $100 bill to pay for bowling, and later told the friend that he knew the bill was fake and had been given to him by his father, Chase Cominsky.

    Kayden allegedly told the friend he was going to text his father to bring a second counterfeit c-note to the bowling alley that night.

    The police complaint includes the following transcription of text messages allegedly between father and son on the night in question:

  10. You need to work on your landing technique if you’re going to fish the pro bass tournament’s. Everyone that his the deck is a penalty. Just a thought 😊

  11. Bed fishing is a lot fun . Fish Sure can be finicky sometimes though. Sucks when you can see a 5lb bass but she won’t bite nothing! February bed fishing would be crazy to me here in western Ky as the water temps are still in the 40’s. Once March gets here I’ll start looking though. I guess further south things happen little sooner.

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