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In this video, I find 2 big fish hiding under a dock, and one of them is the CRAZIEST bass I have ever seen in my life ! Both of these fish put up great battles and swam off strong to continue their lives and add more great fish to the ecosystem!

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  1. Hmm I do a lot of fishing these videos make those fish look big. But that wide angle is making these look bigger then they are nice skeem. Definitely a fatty not denying that but that first one made it seem like a 5+ pounder

  2. Not to be a buzzkill, but your bass Im 99.8% certain that fish had a disease, possibly a bacterial infection, parasitic infection, or liver dysfunction. They call it bloat aka dropsy. You see it in the aquarium hobby, a full stomach wouldn’t be perfectly round like that. When you think about the shape of a fish, the stomach was just to perfectly round, like a puffer fish.

    BTW, u may want to say something, if you catch more fish like that. It’s not contagious, but in the aquarium hobby I know ONE of the main causes it’s poor water quality. Either way, great catch, I wish u the BOL

  3. What SHE ate. Learn your fish. Please don't keep those fish out of water longer than you can hold your breath. They are doing exactly that….
    Grab a pic n let em loose.

  4. Can you imagine the poop he is going to have to take in a few days? Whats shocking is that he was stuff to the gills (haha pun intended) and was still eating this dudes lure! Talk about piggie piggie!

  5. thats what happens when low pressure meets unlimited food supply from that drain meets all the bait running to that dock to get out of the current. thing just literally sits there and eats all day. if it was a person it would live in the bathtub. .

  6. The craziest bass I've seen are the hungry bass at Lake McClure. They have a big head and tiny body. The second are the mating bass…they are stressed out and you can see it on them physically, esp in the throat. I'm talking mating as in stirring up the water.

  7. Before the environmental disaster known as Rohnert Park was built, the creeks and canals in the Santa Rosa plain had lots of green bass, giant bluegills both red and normal colors, either smallmouth or largemouth bass and crappie. Nobody tried to fish such small water but a kid like me didn't know better.
    I remember looking down into one pool and seeing a giant bluegill circling the pool. It weighed over 2 lbs. If you spooked them you would never suspect their presence, they heard footsteps or a shadow on the water and poof! Gone.
    Those creeks were stripped out and all wildlife was killed. Thank you Army Corps of engineers and stupid designers. You killed it for good. No more pools, no more fish, birds and other critters that was the web of life. Gone.

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