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What Good Offshore Anglers Do and You Should Copy! | Simple Offshore Bass Fishing Tips

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  1. My biggest issue is I’m learning to fish offshore rn and I don’t have a unit at the front of the boat only the console I have the FS 9 Elite and I can locate structure ect I use buoy markers to kinda show me where they are so I don’t lose sight but putting my bait on the target has been difficult any tips thanks ! One of my favorite channels!

  2. you are a mathematician for sure, 10 casts got it , seriously though well done ! thanks Jonny, you just pointed me in the right direction, for WALLEYES, I IMAGINE THIS APPLIES TO THEM AS WELL ?

  3. Do you ever throw out buoys to mark offshore spots? I need something to aim at and help me keep my boat in the right position. I think buoys would really help but I don't see anyone using them.

  4. Jonny, I have have been fishing for 30 years and you teach me something every time I watch. I love what you have put together offshore with your electronic videos. Since, I have purchased some new helix units and now am on the offshore hunt. You explain things great to any age that is trying to learn. I would rather watch your videos anytime over my heroes such as KVD, Hackney and Wheeler. Keep it up buddy, you are doing a great nod and I appreciate your dedication to the sport I love so much!!

  5. I’m always checking his channel out and I’m subscribed. Just don’t know why YouTube doesn’t bring you into my home box all the time

  6. Johnny, if I’m fishing a lake where fish set up on outside grass edges in 12-15 ft of water most of the year, what are my best bait options? I believe jigs, neds, shakey heads all tend to get lost in the grass. I have a lot of luck with the drop shot but not much else… any suggestions for me?

  7. So I just bought a pirhana for my lil jon boat. This summer all the water was way down and most of my shalliw spots werent there…so I putted around and fished off shore. LOL…it was a long summer. Thanks for this vid. Wish I would have bouvht a fish finder earlier. Come spring…..graph…graph graph. Thanks for the info.

  8. Thanks for the information overload! 😁. Winter is coming and I plan to go over every detail of this video! Great video, keep them coming! Also, thanks for the Sonar videos. I will be checking them out in fine detail as well!

  9. I'm looking forward to this winter to really dive into and to really get a better feel for offshore fishing by watching and studying your content. I've been watching your channel for the past year and it has really helped out this past year of fishing

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