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The #1 Bank Fishing LURE When It’s TOUGH (NOT a Wacky Rig)

Bank fishing for bass in tough conditions can be extremely frustrating. It stinks going to a lake or pond and getting skunked. However, if you keep this lure with you in tough conditions, you can almost always catch fish!

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There are certain times of the year when bank fishing for bass can be difficult. One of those times of the year can be during late summer and early fall. Another difficult time can be during the dead of winter.

In both situations, if you can’t get bit, pick up a drop shot worm and get to work.

The drop shot is really going to be your best friend to put some fish on the shoreline.

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. So Iโ€™m new to fishing and Iโ€™ve noticed you have your weights below the hook is that how they are suppose to be either on spinning rods or casting rods? Trying to learn as much as I can.

  2. Well I was thinking coyote but then the den so hard telling. Just would like to say that you picked a good rod by Okuma I have several and really like them. ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Haven't been in the game for so long, I don't know all the names of the lures you talk about? Where can I catch up? I remember worm's, spinners, the double hook little fish and stuff…. Gotta up my nomenclature!!!

  4. The more bank or wade fishing you do, the more you'll streamline your tackle selection. After about 30 or 35 years of walking and wading, I began to only carry one spinning rod and a pack or two of either: 1)Zoom Finesse worms, 2)Super Flukes, or 3) Senkos. In one of those bags, I carry 3 or 4 worm hooks and/or Spider Slider heads. In the other bag, I like to have either a: 1)#9 Smelt colored Rapala floating minnow, 2)a โ…›oz Stanley Baby Wedge Spinnerbait, or 3)a โ…›oz Grey Minnow or Black Roostertail. I can put these in my pockets or my hat, if I wade over waist deep. Oh, and ALWAYS wear pants!

  5. My go to lure when bank fishing gets tough is a 4โ€ Keitech easy shiner, fishing it weightless with a 2/0 ewg rolling it in nice and slow and it seems to work for me everytime

  6. More bank fishing videos please! I know it's hard to leave the boat, but… maybe even hit subdivision/ industrial park ponds? For us non-boat-having anglers ๐Ÿ˜‰

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