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Fishing Tournament Vs. FSU College Bass Fishing Team Ep.2 (1v1)

Fishing Tournament Vs. FSU College Bass Fishing Team Ep.2 (1v1)

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  1. FYI in building 24v lithium banks for my trolling motor, last 15+ hours of continuous use and can recharge in 1 hour fast. And has a 20 year life

  2. 90% of the time I fish alone too, I do ALOT of trolling for walleye, salmon, lake trout and muskie, pike, and alot of bass fishing.. but I usually can only fish in the afternoon after work. Im usually on the lake by 6pm, any later i usually won't go

  3. The smallies in saginaw bay are always big, 4+ pounds easily… I love the great lakes, surprisingly ive seen lots of bass boats out on a calm day, but a deep v like my lund pro v 17ft boat takes waves very well, even at a good 25mph

  4. Definitely not the 2nd biggest lake in the USA
    Maybe inland lake.. im live in Michigan and surrounded by massive lakes, I can literally drive 2 hours east or west and be in a much bigger lake

  5. You should of stayed with your buddy Noah KTBTV he’s doing big things!! Sucks to see you stuck with goo fan your a great guy I wish you well norm, I’d love to see more fishing video every day for a month (without that leg freak) YakPak honest feedback I’m the realest out there man hope to meet you 🙌🏻

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