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THIS Trick Will Catch The Biggest Bass On Any Dock You Fish…

Randy gives an on the water demonstration on how to break down a boat dock and where the biggest fish will be located…#dockfishing #bassfishing #fishing #docks #summerfishing


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  1. Hey Randy, totally unrelated to the topic of this video: I notice topwater lures are seldom used in tournaments. I found that they catch fish a lot more often then most people realize. Is it because they are fun to use that people including competitors assume they are less efficient at catching bass then boring lures like drop shot or Neds?

  2. Excellent video! I have a small floating dock and can attest that I’ve caught a lot more fish under the walkway than any other part of the dock. Same results on my neighbor’s dock too. Thanks Randy!

  3. Hey First if all love your content and amazing knowledge that I have used to fish around my area. Second of all could you do us all a huge favor and link some of your products or sites down in the description. If you could do that it would be a great help to me and I’m sure many others. Thanks

  4. i just watched a guy said look there the fish an showed him throw his lure at the fish an i watched the fish grab lure he jerked said i never felt the fish hit i just seen him hit it but depth finders dont matter hahahahahahahahaha

  5. them old cranking telephone will get every bass off the docks too LMAO why not no rules nomore for tournment fishing hahahahahahahaha only me an you know what i be talking about lot of differ in fun fishing than fishing in tournments its not surpose to be like this is now using magefieing glass big as tv bed fishing in 30 feet an guys trying to tell me that dont guaretee fish will bite HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Nice video, but unfortunately my lakes don't have boat docks. All we have is the small floating platforms that are connected to concrete slabs.

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