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Kayak Bass Fishing Crystal Clear Water Flip’n JIGS & TOPWATER for big bass


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Today Devin and I go bass fishing on the kayaks and hit some crystal clear water with massive amounts of hydrilla, and start flipping jigs in the grass and throwing TopWater baits like the new mini filthy frog and Hummer buzzbait by Googan squad, and end up catching some big bass in the process. We are throwing the new scorpion DC as well on the old town canoes kayaks, these are the autopilot 120 Models.

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  1. Awesome bass fishing I love going with my dad cause I am only 14 so I can’t drive yet but bass fishing is the best and I love this video one of your best yet I have a channel too I work hard on it so I know all the hard work you put into these and everyone appreciates your hard work keep fishing 🎣

  2. Love the videos man!!! You were one of my biggest inspirations to start YouTube and haha did that grow!!!! I got really into videography and started this channel with my older brother! Now he's learning how to edit. Love your channel! Have been watching for a while on multiple accounts. And plan on watching for as long as I can. Keep it up! 😁

  3. Just a suggestion I did for my old town trolling yak. When I first got it I washed it really well then after it dried I put 3 coats of mcgwires was on it and it has kept it from getting muddy or fading color.

  4. IMO youre flipping out to far from the kayak, the key to vertical jigging hydrilla is short flips and letting there be a lot of slack in the line when it starts to fall. high rod top when you flip, drop it fast when bait hits the water. makes for a much more vertical drop and helps get under the canopy near the bottom.

  5. I have been dedicated to the frog all year and have still not gotten one, I bought 4 of the minis the day they came out and I’m stoked to say I caught my first frog fish ever on the bone color!!!! So stoked I actually tagged you (and everyone else I’ve watched frog videos) on Instagram because I used all the tips in the countless hours of videos you have put out there, thanks brother!!! 🐸🎣

  6. Hmmm im gonna try my Jigs tomorrow cause i had alot of schools of big bass in the grass and wanted mothing to do with top water or swim baits…. dont help the water is so high pressured also

  7. It's always fire 🔥🔥🔥 when I see my guy Westin smith upload!!! Thanks man I love you guys and fish catches are supreme!!! Keep em comin from the Oklahoma guy!!

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