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A Few Tube Tricks for Both Smallmouth and Largemouth! (Bass Fishing)(Ep. 70)

In this Daily Fishing Video, I talk about a few methods of rigging the old school tube, how I fish it and why drop rates are extremely important for both species of bass. Also, towards the end of the video I give a tutorial on how to use the tube for largemouth right now! This daily video series will post at 3pm CST everyday until I can’t do it anymore! SO stay tuned for more! If you haven’t yet, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

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Gear Used:
3.5″ Coffee Tube

Tube Head

Stupid Tube Head

Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick 7′ Medium

Custom Pro Speed Spin 300

Strike King Tour Grade Line (Braid 10lb Yellow)

Strike King Tour Grade Fluorocarbon 10lb

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  1. I try to always stay as lite as possible with tubes. Even in stiff wind I never try to go over 1/8 oz. I just keep my line down out of the wind and keep that slack out of the line.

  2. I just started using a stupid tube this year and love it, I use it for flipping cover and I can go behind someone with a beaver style bait and catch fish. I'm talking about Largemouth

  3. here's a technique we use here in Canada.3way rig a tube, rig the tube with a number 2 or 4 streamer hook on 6 to 8 foot leader to a 3way swivel drop a 3/4 to 1oz weight. The tube is weightless and flutters behind the weight on the long leader. great drifting current or dragging technique

  4. As much time as I have spent throwing tubes. Been throwing them since the early 80's and I haven't seen that before. Truly genius. But you really have to wonder about the person that decided to start rigging it that way. Even after you started rigging it I couldn't see the outcome. Wow!

  5. Showing some love to the Indiana guys and T-Mac’s stupid tube.
    2007 Bassmaster Classic 4th place finisher. All but one of his fish came on the stupid tube.

  6. A buddy of mine and I fished together for quite a few years, we fished tubes ALOT! My favorite color was smoke purple and his was smoke red, we would die the very end of the skirts, I kept missing fish or they were getting off when fighting them, we were flipping them most of the time, I like a 1/8 oz and he liked the 3/16 weights, we would just tx rig them and flip and pitched them, well I got tired of losing fish because the tube kept balling up on the hooks. So I started playing around with them and I ended up when I went to tx rig it INSTEAD of going all the way thru the tube I started hooking the side of the tube, my hook up and landing percentage went way UP. I was also getting more bites than my buddy that was just using the regular Tx rig, what I found out was by putting the hook on the side it was causing the bait to spiral down like the was your taking about the stupid tube jig heads does, he tried it my way and he also started getting more bites and landing alot more fish. We have fished the with and without pegging the sinker, depends on what king of cover your fishing, tree tops seemed to be a bad target without pegging. Also we have even used them on Carolina rigs on hot summer days when you couldn't get a bite on anything. Save our tails more times than I can count, the 3 1/2 inch tubes are my favorite size. You were talking about scents you can use cotton balls or small pieces of styrofoam and they hold sent very well, you can some them or put them in the tube and just put the scent on them now. Sorry so long of a post. This just brought back a lot of good memories!! Thanks for the tips though, great job. Good luck with the rest of the year. Stay safe out there on and off the water. Tight lines and Semper Fi from an old Marine.

  7. Sure ya throw a coffee tube ! With a strike king hat and shirt on !! Lol I'm from up north and still throw the tube !! Like the stupid tube set up also for weeds ! Also like cut n a ear plug in half and stick n it in the tube ! Slower fall and holds scent better !! Anise !! On everything !!

  8. I use a wieght less tube period shallow or deep and I catch a bunch of fish on a very tough river and pressured lakes that's were we disagree bud wieghtless always slower fall rate like a sinko

  9. Great tips Andrew. I have gotten away from the tube after I started with the ned but just recently started rigging it up again. I will give that Texas rig a shot.

  10. Have not fished a tube going to give it a try. Thanks for the tip. My wife likes to fish spinning reels exclusively so this can be a good technique for her.

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