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Big Bass Fishing Down in City Park New Orleans

This video is pretty much the pre fishing of the #neworleans #citypark #bigbass #rodeo . Big bass in the spring are such a awesome sight to see in the metro area. I advise everyone to let their big bass go they catch out of city park you can get replica mounts y’all same cost better product. Anyways I caught a few nice bass in practice actually my biggest which I think was about 5.5 maybe 6 I didn’t put it on a scale so we’ll never know . Ended up seeing justin at the park and I’ve always been intrigued by Custom glide bait and swimbait fishing so him armed with a Sly guy lures replica gill I sat down shut up and just watched and I learned a completely new tactic to target big bass. Justin ended up catching a big bass on swimbait that ended up getting him 2nd place . City park New Orleans is a very beautiful park I extensively shot b roll or videos there because it’s a great place to check out while in #nola .#New orleans city park fishing #Fishing new orleans #city park bass fishing #big bass new orleans #bayou st john #big bass rodeo #bass tournament #rougarou fishing

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  1. There's some very nice fish in those city parks. The years I lived in KCMo and fished all the city ponds and lakes there was never anything like those. But those people there kept everything they hooked, 3 inch bluegill, bass, cat, it was getting ate. Was at Blue Springs Lake one evening, young 16-17 year old couple there. Pulled in a 3" gill, I told him not to throw it back I'd take it for some flathead bait. Told me it was going home, G'ma could cook one half that size.

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