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This Special Spinnerbait Catches Big Bass all the time!

Big Bass love this spinnerbait and I am going to show you how to fish them. Spinnerbaits work in the summer, winter, fall and especially in the spring. I am fishing from my johnboat in a small pond in Florida for this video and it was a blast.

Hopefully these fishing tips will help you catch more fish.

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  1. "A pond that has never been fished" doesn't exist. Some young idiot like I was has found it before and fished it, even if only a few casts before being spooked and running off. When I was 10-16 years old, I fished many "unfished" ponds. People thought fencing around their ponds helped…my determination pulled many bass over fences. Fruitville in Sarasota FL was my stomping grounds of trespass fishing. All I had was a bmx bike, couple cheap rods, some basic lures, and parents that never cared where I was. Fished fenced ponds in front of industrial parks, hiding in the cat tails. Good times. Then we moved up to Bushnell, FL and I fished many private ponds. Some people knew but I didn't keep fish or leave trash, so they didn't chase me very often…lol

  2. Great item. First cast out of the package caught a nice bass. Pulls smooth in the water and sets up nicely immediately upon retrieval. Worth adding to your tackle box.

  3. Cut my teeth with your advice, watched your TV show many yrs. ago, great to see you on YouTube Roland! You look great! Son!!!

  4. I watch this over and over Mr. Roland..Thanks again..Mr. Dana Bates from the desert mountains of El Paso Texas..130 miles to the big lake Elephant Butte resevoir New Mexico..

  5. Im a Charterboat Captain in Panama City Beach "Lady Black". Come fish with me anytime Roland Martin! Would absolutely love to have you on my boat. I get such a kick out of how excited you get. I just started bass fishing at 56 years old.

  6. Your excitement Everytime you catch a big ol bass is so awesome and inspiring. I really enjoy your you tubing Roland and your teaching. Thank you for all you do.

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