You’ll Never Rig A Swimbait The Same For Summer Fishing After Watching This…

Randy talks about his favorite way to rig a swimbait in the summer…#bassmaster #angler #fishingdaily #fish #fishing #fishinglife #bassfishing #fishingtrip #bass #catchandrelease #swimbait

Virtual lessons…

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat old school jig..


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  1. Randy, have you tried putting this on a jig and flipping it? I was flipping a 6th Sense hybrid jig yesterday with a ZMan Billy Goat rigged vertical like a bluegill and smashed them on it. Wondering if this Keitech would work on a hybrid flipping jig

  2. For the people complaining that there are too many fishing videos, you do realize you can stop watching when you’ve seen enough? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂

  3. Randy I’ve done very well flipping and pitching a Swim Senko. Potomac,Upper Chesapeake and especially Lake Okeechobee. You take care and stay safe bud.

  4. Another good reason for not pegging a fresh toothpick too tight is, the toothpick swells in water, if it's too tight, it will crimp your line, possibly causing a potential breakpoint. It happened to me one time, a huge catfish took a fuzzy oxblood plastic worm that I had soaking in fresh mashed up crawdad mustard, when I got it up to the boat, it broke off, right at the peg, I was fishing for bass not catfish, but I'll tell you what, she put up a hell of a fight.

  5. Why not rig that bait on a swinging jig head? The Z Man Texas Eyez heads give you a regular head with a swinging worm hook. Seems to me that would be just like a hook and pegged weight, but it's got eyes and it's easier.

  6. I fish those on flipping jigs and I’ve heard they work on footballs too. Haven’t flipped them by themselves. Genius!! Related question, why are there no white flipping and football jigs that mimic shad?

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