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Spring Bank Fishing: Catching BIG Bass From The Bank!

Don’t let the lack of a boat prevent angling success this spring. There are lots of quality bank fishing opportunities in almost every part of the country. Places like subdivision ponds, quarries, marinas, and small rivers offer great bank fishing in the spring when fish tend to be moving shallow. Just as in other types of fishing, catching more fish from the bank requires commitment, practice, and attention to detail. Here are some tips from Matt that will have you hooked up from the bank more often this spring!

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  1. nice boat your workin it back to. lol… thanks for the tips. this is my first year learning to bass fish (at age 36). been fishing catfish for the past 15 years. cannot afford a boat (since I just had to have a newer diesel truck, haha) so im stuck on land.

  2. Got the Biospawn Exostick in my febuary MTB Pro box and have absolutely killed the bass bank fishing my local ponds.Neko rigged and Wacky rigged has been my ticket to big donkeys.Love this video great advice on the wacky rig about covering water.

  3. I still can't believe MTB is tryin' to front claiming that the Runt is somehow exclusive, I've bought those same lures off Amazon in 4-5pc multicolor packs from many different Chinese distributors for just 4-5$ for years, exactly because they're so cheaply mass-produced so I don't have to cry about having an expensive lure breaking off. This is almost as blatantly egregious as Favorite trying to sell the same kinds of reels KastKing does as well but charging more than twice what KastKing does while ordering reels with lesser specs & features. That's really chinsy, yo.

  4. Awesome video mtb , never have gotten a box from you guys but I can say that the last few have looked pretty packed and has alot of awesome baits

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