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This OLD SCHOOL Lure Is TRULY The Best COLD Water BIG Bass Bait..

Blades bait are one of the best cold water bass fishing lures that you can use!

Favorite Blade Baits:
Heddon Sonar –
Spro Carbon Blade –

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Coldwater bass fishing is actually one of my favorite types of bass fishing. Something about it just feels extremely rewarding when you start catching bass.

In this video I will show you the ins and outs of one fo the best cold water lures that has ever been created!

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  1. That bass that hit on the way up is one of my favorite bites and surprisingly I get about half of my fish when I stop working the bait and just burn it back to me. Recently I've started burning spinnerbaits until it busts through the surface and then let it fall about a foot or 2, it really mimics those bluegill that skip out of the water down here in Louisiana and the large mouth go crazy for it even on December mornings where theres frost on everything.

  2. I’m with u on the spinning gear sometimes..especially clear ultra clear water too!! It’s a underutilized bait I’ve had shaved with and then hybrids will get in there too and saugeyes down on some home waters too

  3. Thanks for the tips. Me and my son been out and been skunked the last 3 times. He throws a crank air most of the time. We need something to help us in this tougher time.

  4. Hey curious why Okuma? Are you sponsored by them? I have an Okuma reel , I bought it in a pinch it’s a baitcaster and it broke after 4 years but it still casts further than any DC reel I’ve ever owned lol and I paid 35 bucks for it

  5. Why do you copy cat other anglers and use click bait. Do your own thing you have a lot to learn good luck and tight lines anybody can catch fish during the week it’s a lot different I a tournament

  6. That video was awesome bass fishing has really taken over as my favourite type of fishing and I really enjoy your videos of bass fishing I’ve learned quite a bit I usually target trout.

  7. I'd lean toward agreeing with your title — IF you had specified smallmouth. Blade is OK for largemouth, but if I'm fishing cold water for big LMB, I'm throwing a 1 oz jig with a sizable trailer.

  8. Nice you mentioned another YouTuber
    Fishing is truly a community of people. Nobody cares about race gender religion (although fishing is) or political view.
    The fish doesn’t
    Now I have to get back to work. Burnin too much time watching 15 different channels

  9. Keep pumping these out, bravo on the growth of your channel & 50k+ subscribers 👏🏻 seems like yesterday when I subscribed & you were around 10k. Btw what type of hooks do you use on your blade bait?

  10. Stop copying other channels. Yet another video where Randy just 3 days ago talks about blade baits and now you have a blade bait video. You do this every week or every month where Randy Blaukat, Matt Stefan, or others make a video and then boom you have the same video.

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