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Andrew Upshaw and myself team up against Bradley Hallman and Todd Castledine in a BIG BASS CHALLENGE on the World’s BEST PRIVATE LAKE!

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  1. I didn't see any of these fish on a scale on video . Most of those fish don't look over 23" . That would make them not more than 6# , 7# @ tops .

  2. I'm about to set out on Mobility Scooter adventures in Mobile Alabama, places I can ride my scooter to, local fishing spots, places of interest, the amazing Architecture this 300+ year old city has! Fishing spots where Alligators have taken stray dogs, my scooter only runs 22 mph I hope it will out run the gators (LOL) I'm a 71 year old 15 year Cancer and 2 time heart attack survivor! And I'm out to have fun after being stuck in a 4mph wheelchair for 3 years, now that I can go 22 mph I'm going to go the whole 36 miles this scooter will go everyday(lmao) My health has held me down but now I'm going to get her done buddy!

  3. You who the hell cares about private lakes. We are not rich no knock on the rich. But this just shows what you think about the small people who are not in your tax bracket. Keep this to you and your friends.

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