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OH Ivie Preview – Navigating the Lake & Bass Fishing

This is the third part of the preview of what I saw at OH Ivie over the Labor Day weekend. Today along with fishing I’m going to show you some google earth images of how to navigate the lake. Also at the end some top speed numbers on the Bass Cat Lynx in 100 degree heat, 88 degree water at about 1,500 feet of elevation.

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  1. I am a local. Up concho 100% run the channel. Some huge stumps just under the water everywhere DO NOT CUT CORNERS! Main lake in most places are okay to run open water. Once you start headed out of main lake and going up river stay in the channels! Every bass champs angler better do their homework. No boat channel markers in west texas. That low water crossing out of water.

  2. Good video , but for a guy that’s never been there I’m wondering what’s available for accommodations? Is there restaurants ? Is there cell phone service ? I’m planning a trip in February so just looking to make arrangements.

  3. Ken would be happy to help anyone. Please just take easy the timber I don't think is the main concern it's the long points you do not see. Running the rivers is actually ok but that dam is small. As others will also say do not cut corners you will find what most dangerous open water with a long point you don't see. Been fishing it since day one.

  4. Ken it's 2 under 18inches and 3 over 18 inches and 14 inch small mouth. You can keep 5 Over 18 inches if you get that lucky😁any combination to make your best 5 fish.Good luck!!!!

  5. Hey Ken, the low water dam you are talking about is a low water dam. It has current under the water and it shallow and rocky. Thanks for pointing that out. I would strongly advise you to tell others so nobody gets hurt or a lower unit taken off like you said.

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