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In this video, I review the 3 biggest bass that I have ever caught!
I hope you guys enjoy this one, it was great to review this footage and photos and feel the adrenaline again!



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  1. Today I ordered a Quantum Smoke S3 HD witha 200 spool, 25 pound drag and a oversized handle 95mm. It was on sale on Amazon for $178.00. Down from $209.00. I own 3 other Quantum baitcaster reel's A ACCURIST S3 PT 7 to 1 and two KVD Smoke PT S3 baitcaster reel's. One in 7 to 3 and 6 to 1. The new Smoke HD is going on a Heavy, fast rod of my choice. Probably Ugly Stick Elite series. My biggest Largemouth to date is around 6 pounds. I want a 8 pounder or more. I am 62 years old now. I have been fishing for 57 years. My Father taught me how to fish. He was a trophy bass fisherman. Lew's Black speed spool and matching rod in the 70's. He caught a 10,9, 8 and a 7. Plus a 5.5 pound Smallie. We live in Indiana. Many Reservoirs, Rivers, Lakes and ponds in our State. All the Big bass were caught in Indiana in the 70's. I was with my Father when he caught these fish. I still have the them hanging in my Garage at home. So I figure it's time for The Son to go after his PB. It's late April in Indiana. The spawn is on. So I am gearing up for The PB. The Smoke HD baitcaster combined with a Ugly Stick Heavy fast and 65 pound braid. Should do the trick. It's now or never! I have the skills and equipment to finally get the job done. A small white jig with a swimbait trailer.Or a soft plastic dark Green on one side and dark purple on the other. Big pegged bullet weight for flipping. Could pull this feat off. I don't weight my fish normally. But I will have a scale on me from now on. I will fish one hour when I go fishing to learn the techniques. To catch the PB. Wish me luck! Shawn.

  2. U have the magical touch when it come to catching big fish!!! U have so much talent and skills ๐Ÿ‘ I watch this video everytime before I go fishing, to get pumped up lol

  3. Bass is the most exciting fishing on the planet and they are the trickiest creatures to seduce so for me it's always the most exciting type of videos. Thanks Ty!

  4. I like all fishing, and the way you diversify your fishing and content is what makes you my favorite YouTuber, not to mention the knowledge you have of your craft, I love bass fishing and bass fishing videos but I am loving watching you explore different species and regions and teaching us what else is out there. When I nailed my first 50+ pound fish it kinda took my dedication/fixation on bass fishing away and made me want to branch out as well, so please keep it up. keep exploring new places keep crafting new adventures. Itโ€™s an absolute joy to watch.

  5. Im in Minnesota I try to catch big northern pike but end up catching bass on my sucker minnows I caught a 7 1/2 lb bass going for northern pike

  6. Ty, I want to thank you for renewing my interest in bass/lure fishing. I have always been an avid fisherman since childhood; but predominantly catfish/live. I could count the number of 3+ pound bass I have caught in my lifetime on one hand. I stumbled upon your videos and have been watching them for the past few months. I started building out my lure collection and prepping for the upcoming spring. Last week, I went kayak fishing for the first time and landed a monster 10 – 12 lb largemouth on a 4 ft ultra-light rod… beautiful, beautiful fish. When it surfaced, I even pulled a "Ty"… "Oh! It's a MONSTER!!". Just wanted to let you know you have a very happy convert! Thanks again.

  7. Love your vids bro but Iโ€™m personally a bass fisherman and those were some trophies dude. So yeah letโ€™s see more that big or not that big still awesome to catch

  8. I like all kinds of fishing videos. I guess my favorite are catfish, but this bass video was exciting! But PLEASE weigh your catches!!!!!!! It just isn't the same if you don't weigh them!!!

  9. I just love bass. My favorite species. Theyre so different looking. Giant mouths. Bulky waistes. I have very fond memories too

  10. The bass fishing is my favorite. Was and always will be. I guess cuz i can relate to it.

    I also like big cat fish. Carp. All types.

    I just dont know why a big bass is thrilling to me.

    I also understand if u lost the thrill cuz u peaked. I was always in love with the idea of a striped bass. Never caught one. When i got one that was 41 inches (i wish we weighed) , it was great. Just i lost my thrill for it. If anything, the only thing that interested me, was like a 50 or 60lb one. Which i dont have the time or money to pursue.

    Friends have caught stripers in the river, and they are super impressed. To me, its no big deal now.

  11. Definitely more bass videos when you have the opportunity. I get amazed seeing some of the good quality fish that come out of storm drains and canals and such.

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