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This NEW RIG Catches BIG BASS! (The Free Drop Rig)

Folks at Home! I have a good one for you today! The Free Drop Rig! This modification to the Drop Shot Rig allows for 360 degree motion and action, and get this… NO KNOTS! That’s right! I am going to teach you how to tie the Free Drop Rig with absolutely NO KNOTS! This rig will produce year round! Come on, Let’s Learn!

Ike’s Gear used:

Abu Garcia REVO Ike Spinning:

Berkley Powerbait Waterbug:

VMC Sinker Stops:

VMC Surest Dropshot Hooks:

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  1. Having those bobber stops on there, have you noticed any problem in real clear water that might make the fish a little bit leary picking up the bait. Great info.

  2. brother i thought about doing the exact same thing years ago with all the benefits you mentioned but what stopped me from bothering with it is that there won't be any tension on that hook when the fish grabs it and you go to set the hook it will slide and you have to rely on the sinker to hit the fishes mouth creating enough tension to set the hook by which time the fish would have felt something wrong and spit it out plus you need to then have a strong knot on the sinker and not able to use those clip on drop shot sinkers, today i figured out how to make a fixed yet adjustable drop shot rig with only one plastic bobber stopper bead per hook, it may have some drawbacks but i think it will perform much better at catching fish and not losing them but ill have to try and see how i find it, i will do a video to demonstrate how to make it

  3. Hey Mike, I thought this was a great idea. I am hitting the fishing and I am loosing more fish due to the hook pushing the lower bobber stop towards the weight and not getting leverage on a full hook set? Any modifications recently to this?

  4. The weak link in this rig is the sturdiness of the weight to the line. I would use an egg sinker so that a strong knot, like a double San Diego jam knot can be used. The drop shot weight knot will take all the abuse once a fish is hooked.

  5. Mike you can also use your bober stops for Carolina rigging instead of a barrel swivel I use 4 big VMC bobber stops so when you cast the weight won't slip down your line and since you don't use a barrel swivel you can adjust your depth without cutting your line.

  6. Good one Mike! I love drop shotting and this rig makes sense. I'm not completely sold on the bait being able to circle the line at will but, I do know that will save a lot of line twist! Gonna read the comments and see if anyone has used this and, see if there are any pitfalls. Sinker stops cost more than knots but, if I have to cut the entire rig off when I want to jerk bait fish or something else, I guess the lost/cut off line costs offset the sinker stop cost. Gotta find a video here that shows how to re-use sinker stops!

  7. What's the correct size of sinker stops for 6# line so that the hook doesn't slid on it's own? I'm guessing the small one would be better than the medium.

  8. I like it Mike! I drop shot fished all year with great results. My only concern would be, when the worm gets caught in the grass after sinking, the tugging pressure on the hook would outweigh the bobber stop. This would cause the bobber stop to move and now the gap between the two stops would be much larger. That's too much free play for the hook in my opinion. I'll try it though and let you know!

  9. Mike if you have no bobber stops? Tie a heavy monofilament Uni-knot on the line. You can adjust the slider tension by tightening the tag ends. Love ya……

  10. I tried it
    Don't like it
    Most of the time u don't get good hook ups cause most of the energy from the hook set makes the hook slide down so u don't stick the fish, only took me 4 fish to go back to the original set up

  11. Um…………….. I LOVE the increased freedom of movement of the bait itself – what about the hookset? Won't your hook just slide down your line? The resistance of that bobber stop against the line has got to be weaker than the force required to drive the hook home into the fish's mouth, especially a bony part. So you jerk & your hook just slides down your line towards the weight precisely BECAUSE there is no fixed hook attachment. ๐Ÿค” Hmmmmm…..

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