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STOP RUINING Great Bass Fishing Spots

Ever come up on a “sweet spot” or “honey hole” when out bass fishing? You cast your bait across the end, hook a bass, it gets tangled up, you go in to get it and completely demolish the spot? You’ve alerted every living thing within 100yds of your presence and you’ve ruined the spot! Dollar Bill Lowen is here to share tips on how to pick apart a piece of cover, like a laydown tree with big line, big rod & big hook with a finesse bait to get into the heart of the cover with the hopes of catching multiple fish and getting them out easily without getting hung up or wrapped up in the limbs.

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  1. The baby Rage Bug is one of the best things that I've seen Strike King do in a very long time… I had to get about 5 packs in Green Pumpkin, Black and Blue, Alabama craw, Summer craw, Moon Juice and Blue craw… I feel like with any of those colors I can go to any water clarity and get bit, and I do!!!! A LOT!!! And it is the perfect bait for a Carolina rig if you feel like throwing the ball and chain… But it's also perfect for putting on your big flipping stick, big line, a stout hook, and pulling them out of that garbage!!! I honestly feel like I get bit more on the smaller size than I do the regular Rage Bug!!! The 3Β³/⁸" and 3" are the perfect sizes for exactly this.. an if u feel feisty, u can Ned rig the 3" and they KILL IT!!!! Great great GREEAATT BAIT!!! ✌️πŸ’ͺπŸ¦…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸŽ£

  2. That's some good stuff there everybody should take heat and listen to that I find myself doing the bad things too by one or two little pitches and then moving on πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. "If I know there's 5 fish in there, I at least wanna catch 4 of em". Doesn't that sound contradictory to the title of this video? Shame on this dude's mindset, doesn't give a lick about conservation if he's tryna catch AND RELEASE 4 out of 5 fish. Do better, "The Bass University".

  4. Very rarely do you see a pro giving us thier speel on how to when too etc… and actually bust one doing what they said. good job bill. Btw I'm a Brookville lake local representing. I will slow down and work cover well in tournament tomorrow. I'm a life long member of frame's liberty bass club.

  5. You really think you can catch 4 out 5 fish on a laydown? Man I'm happy for a bite a laydown or brush pile or piece of cover. But I do fish sml. Guess it's not up to par with rest lakes. Or maybe it's me??? Lol

  6. No offense intended but this video leaves a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot to be desired he didn’t even talk about the other reasons why you don’t want to cast across cover cast right into it and that’s forgetting snagged you get snagged and you like have to break your bed off or you have to go in to retrieve it and through the process you scare the fish way because you’re most likely going to be hitting the cover unless you’re very experienced boater

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