Scrounger Heads Catch Big Bass!

The scrounger head is an underused fishing lure that catches big bass! Give it a try!

1) Luck E Strike Scrounger –
2) Pulse Fish Lures Pulse Jig –
3) Jenko Tennessee River Tremor Head –
4) Castaic Jerky J –
5) Zman Razr Shad –
6) Yamamoto Zako –
7) Zoom Super Fluke –

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  1. I love the action. It will definitely benefit angler in high pressure water. I'm a bank fisherman who fishes in ponds and dammed lakes. Weeds are a problem. Will this work for me?

  2. Thanks for those great tips!!👊🏻 Never tried them before because I really didn't know how to use them. Now I know and will give it a try!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!!

  3. Can't remember what youtuber mentioned it, but they were talking about the snag resistance of scrounger heads and working them on bottom like a dying baitfish. Any experience with that?

  4. Wow I picked 1 up awhile back and haven't fished it yet but that will change in the morning my dad just retired and wants to get back into bass fishing so we're headed for 3 days of it.

  5. Cutting the big part of a boot tail on a swim bait vertical works well to. Thx for this video I’ve been wanting u to do a video on this bait so thx again!

  6. There's a lot of things wrong with the scournger. 1. The blade deforms. 2. The blades are never even. 3. Not a lot of trailers fit and or swim well with it. 4. The drag or swing is unnecessarily needed much like a chatter. 5. They require a specific rod to properly work and handle them.
    The main thing to know is they were initially made for combing the bottom, which leads back to using bottom baits. It is unnecessary. A lot of the times they are best in the thick or woods, which equates to getting hung up with that open hook. On the bottom? They get hung up as well. Once you weigh these things and understand action, you need only the right swimbaits or a bottom/swimming bait. Therefore, I have yet to find a use or advantage in using one of these. People say otherwise, but I do better with other lures. I can only speak from my experience and expertise.

  7. Thank you for the clarification I have always tried to use a boot tail swim date and didn’t think the scrounger head work as well as he said not realizing my motion was fighting itself , great demonstration

  8. keep them in your refrigerator if you store them for a long time. The cold temperature will keep the bill from turning yellow.I use the Lucky Strike ones and they turn yellow after awhile in the boat compartment

  9. Do you recommend a 7:3 gear ratio over an 8? I typically fish the CA delta where majority of our fishing is about 3ft – 10ft depending on the tide however we also are faced with vegetation through the whole entire river system.

  10. Yeah I know it gets hot in VA. I lived there for a while, too hot for me. Like I mentioned a few days ago back then it was about the purple worm. Just hopeful your boat is back to stay! Wishing you the best of luck and a win to pay off the mechanic.

  11. Good information thanks I used a paddle tail the other day and your right on it dose not work I like a zoom motor oil 6 inch lizard it really makes the lizard look alive I hung a good bass and went to lip it and the hook came out on a lizard

  12. The timing of this video is ironic ……. Heading to chickamauga for a week very soon…… ordered some scroungers for the trip …… have never thrown them

  13. 🍺 I have a ton but their all skirted. With the “scrounger jig” I experienced some missed big bites. I convinced myself that the large scrounger head flap acted like a hook guard.🤷‍♂️ Since I did not notice an increase of bites from a regular jig I quit using them. Perhaps I’ll give them another try.

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