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This Rig Catches Big Bass ALL YEAR LONG

Most people have go to rigs, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, Tokyo Rig, etc. However, the Chicken Rig is by far one of the easiest rigs to put together and works all year long! Big bass on beds? Chicken Rig! Bass off the bank? Chicken Rig! Fishing Heavy Cover? Chicken Rig! No matter how you fish or where you fish this rig will consistently catch you big bass throughout the entire year!


Ike’s Gear used:

Abu Garcia REVO Ike Spinning:

Abu Garcia IKE Finesse Series Spinning Rods:

Abu Garcia IKE Power Series Casting Rod:

Berkley Powerbait Flute Worm:

VMC Nail Weight:

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  1. Ike can you talk a little about the terminal tackle you like to use with the chicken rig? Do you have to work the chicken rig differently in tidal water like the Upper Chesapeake or even faster moving waters like the Eastern Shore? Thanks Ike.

  2. Awesome! Another great tool to add to the arsenal!! Do you do the "peck, peck, peck, peck" all year or just on bed fish??

  3. Very cool rig! Definitely going to try this week if conditions are right. I’m wondering, when not sight fishing, do the bass take it lightly so watching for line movement, or do they smack it?! Thanks Mike, always great content on your β€œin the shop” vids(even when the shop is on the deck of your boat.

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