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How To Catch Big Bass At NIGHT

Randy gives some advice on night fishing…#fishthemoment #bassfishing #bass #fishing #nightfishing

Blaukat Old School Jig link…


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  1. Yes, black soinnerbait. Thin wire, colorado blade. As SLOW as possible. Just enough to turn the blade. Dragging the bottom. Braid is essential to feel this action. If the blade suddenly dles, keep the same speed, it will come back. Second or third hit will be viscous.

  2. I like to keep things simple at night….no baits with treble hooks….a black and blue spinnerbait with a large black colorado blade…..a 10 inch junebug worm texas rigged…and a junebug trick worm on a 1/4 ounce shakeyhead….

  3. I’ve just started bass fishing about less than 2 months in. I took your advice on night fishing and actually caught my PB 4lbs bass and a couple 2lbs in just couple nights on my black blue spinner bait from shore! A lot to learn but been binge watching your videos. Thank you so much for your knowledge and experience 🙏

  4. I work night shift and it’s hard to flip the switch from night back to day. I do it to get up and sunrise in the spring, early summer and fall. But boy I pay for it when I get home and the next day.

  5. I’ve seen several comments on the success of a black Jitterbug at night which I totally agree with. Another old school lure that I’ve caught big ones at night is a black Hula Popper. The black 10 1/2” Zoom Ole Monster is probably my favorite. Good stuff Randy. Thanks

  6. I retired recently and I moved to a town near the southern border. It gets so hot here that night fishing is very popular. A ranger said that they will soon be switching their hours to 2:30 AM because that is when most of the boats are out during the summer months around here. Thanks for the lure tips. I will be trying this next week.

  7. Fishing golf courses at night back in the 80's and 90's was a blast. We'd take a flashlight and shine it on the bank and see all these bass just sitting there, facing the water's edge. Good times.

  8. My dad taught me to fish @ night and he loved it up until he passed away @ 86. Lots of reasons why we love it, but its all I do 8 months of the year.

  9. I do a lot of night fishing here in CT. I will painfully slowroll a 3/8 oz single colorado deep cup black blade spinnerbait shallow. I will use the largest blade I can get away with without it rolling on me. A plastic trailer also helps to keep the spinnerbait from rolling. I will also put a small amount of glow in the dark fingernail polish on the head of the spinnerbait. I don't use braided line on spinnerbaits because at times the bass will follow right behine it and will just try to flare their gills to suck it in and with braided line it doesn't give a inch. Another bait is a black and blue jig. Sometimes at night the smallies will hit the jig and spit it out before you know it. Most of the time your setting the hook on the feel of them spitting it out because you didn't feel the first pickup and you pull the bait away. Smallies will hit the jig thinking it's a crawfish, crush it in their mouths to break off the claws and spit it out and do it again twice. It's on the 3rd hit that you set the hook. I also use a pompadour topwater bait. That bait will out fish any topwater bait around. Even on nights when there is no topwater activity(Bass busting bait) I will throw it randomly shallow or out in the middle of the lake(smallies) and you will get hits. Main points, lighted docks and lighted beaches are good spots. I don't like a bright moon. Some moonlight is okay. Thanks Randy.

  10. There is a Tuesday night one fish scramble 6-9 on a local lake. If I don’t have a big one when it gets dark I throw a Buzz Bait. The baits you mentioned will get more bites but the Buzz Bait gets the big ones!

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