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Start SKIPPING A Fishing LURE Better Than Your Friends (Complete Skip Cast Tutorial)

Skipping a bass lure can be difficult but if you have the right system, you will start skipping better than your friends!

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Bounty Fish 158 –
Chatterbait –
Chatterbait Trailer (Structure Bug) –
Fluke –
Frog –
Berkley Big Game –
Seaguar InvizX –

In this video, you will have a complete tutorial on how to skip a lure. Skipping a lure is simply going to take practice. But I feel if you listen to this tutorial you will be a skipping jeti in no time!

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  1. I've watched this video several times and really like your technique for teaching. I do have a couple of questions though based on the lure in this video…

    1. How do you rig your bounty fish 158?

    2. Can you use a hook swivel with the bounty fish 158?

    I ask the second because I only bring one rod when fishing, and I hate trying to re-tie the line every time I want to change my lure!

    Thank you!

  2. i have no need for this technique currently, but love learning stuff. tried this without serious focus yesterday and received the worst backlash of my life lol

  3. im right handed but used a left handed reel since i was kid, probably by mistake. So now when I watch people cast with their right hand and then switch hands, its weird to me.

  4. Thank you so much for your videos they are extremely informative and to the point. My question is this. I'm hearing you and other Anglers say to fill the spool up to within an 8-inch of the top. I am using a very popular baitcasting reel for beginners and when I fill it with in an 8in of the top of the spool, when the line gets wet the line will not clear the bottom of the real and sticks and drags on the bottom of the real. So I have to put it less than 1/8 inch from the top of the real. Is this because of the real being of poor quality or am I doing something wrong

  5. Dude…I'm a 25 year vet of the USAF and 62 years old CMSgt and have learned today that I am a Private at skipping lures like you demonstrated…If you could permit me, I would love to learn your location to coordinate on a baitcasting set up. I own a Abu Garcia Black max x 2, a Shimano Curado, Diawa Lexa x2 and thought I could replicate what you demonstrated. The problem I have is being able to cast where you demonstrated in the videos…without backlashing the crap out of my spool! I live in South Carolina and would love to learn your demonstrations…please reply…..

  6. Nice, good tutorial but I been wondering for the right handed person, why do most guys I see use the real with the crank in the right side. Why is it beneficial to switch hands after you casted your bait? Or can you just use a real with the crank handle on the left side so you don't have to switch hands after each cast. TIA

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