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Bass fishing can be tough. Sometimes you go out and it feels like you can’t catch a cold. When this happens, there is one lure that always works!

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No matter if you fish a lake, pond or river. Sometimes catching bass can be extremely tough. We all just want to go out and have some fun catching fish!

When I have those days where I feel like I want to sell all my bass fishing equipment, there is one lure that I can always turn to to help me catch more fish!


BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.


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  1. Tubes ARE SOOO versatile! My area has fisheries that are predominantly smallmouth, and largemouth, depending on where you fish. But the tube is and always has been one of my go to baits! Whether on a jigjead or texas rigged, maybe rjgged to flip heavy cover, i LOVE EM

  2. Bro I think I’m either cursed or sb gave me they bad juju cuz IVE GONE ALL LAST SEASON AND THIS SEASON WITH 2 TINY LITTLE DINKS it’s gotten so bad sometimes I feel like shedding tears 😂

  3. Been fishing for 4 months once or twice a week for about 4 hours each day and the best I’ve got the whole time is two bass that jumped out of the water and spit my lure. Incredibly discouraging that I’ve spent all this money and time without catching anything but two trout on accident.

  4. I'd say bring a few poles with different baits an lures. Use 3 casts per spot left right an straight into water you fish. Use 1 pole with different lures for each cast to see what draws the bass are drawn to for the 3 spots you use to cast. Best places are usually where there's structure an different land marks like points an pockets along shore line. Also looking for good current an another key factors temperature an activity in the water. Finally an most important the water level. Things to pay attention to. If it's been really hot with not much rain be careful keep hydrated go to shaded areas keep head covored an try throwing lure deeper water. Using knee high rain boots so you can walk into water to cast even further

  5. 😂😂😂 I like that you said that you had to catch something to make you feel like a man. I caught a 20 inch trout during my first few months of fishing and I can't imagine how that hurts feelings as a woman.

  6. 4 days of bass fishing and still 0 bites. They are jumping and active but won’t bite my Texas rig, won’t bite my frogs, won’t hit my crank bait… I’m running the shores and willows and I still can’t figure out what the deal is. Some of these bass jumping look to be about 5+ lbs. Googan Squad lures don’t work…. I’m at a loss on what to do. I’ll pick up a couple of the tube lures you suggest and I’ll see if that works.

  7. Well after 2 rods, 2 reels, god knows how many lures, and dozens and dozens and dozens of videos i fuckin quit. yall who can fish successfully can fuckin have it. I literally just wanted something to do to pass the fuckin time and after a painful month ive officially gotten zero bites. Idk what im doing wrong. Maybe im not supposed to catch fish.

  8. I love watching these videos definitely helpful you definitely know what you are doing. And how do you find good fishing spots in the area you live in? I have fished from pheonix az to flagstaff az to lake Havasu az to bull head az even the Colorado river not much luck how do do I find the good spots I hardly ever ketch anything

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