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Bass fishing with Sara, Mille and Frédéric in Paris!

The Fishing Lodge;

You can find the equipment in our support shop;

• Kanalgratis –
• Paris Predator Fishing –

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We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. If this is the future of fishing, I will stop to fish. In a situation like this fish become a commodity. For everyone who is willing to pay. It's like shooting at pigs in a farm. And if I look at the boat they are using, it's like shooting at pigs in a farm with battle tanks. It's a disgrace, just business like everything else in our world today. Disgusting.

  2. Great video, my friend! Lovely fishing! The nature is amazing, too…What kind of fish is that? Enjoyed watching a lot! Cheers from Russia, Sara , and how about visiting my channel as well? I've got something to share about wild adventures! Anyway, best wishes in all your plans and beginnings! Best regards, Yuriy!

  3. Bass fishing is there anything better and I am addicted too it I am now 14 two years ago I started my channel and I am damn proud of it and I am finally getting close too my 1 k sub goal !!

  4. Cool la vidéo
    Bravo le guide. J attends avec impatience d autre vidéo et j espère revoir fred à un concours en hollande. Car il mérite de gagner une fois

  5. Då vet jag att man inte behöver åka ända till USA för att fiska Havsabborre. Finns det i Sverige mån tro? Eller något annat närliggande land?

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