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Best 5 Lures for July Bass Fishing (Smallmouth or Largemouth)

These are my best 5 Lures that I always have tied on for July bass fishing. What makes this unique is that these setups can be used for smallmouth or largemouth and will catch fish in all conditions!

πŸ› οΈ GEAR β€‹πŸ› οΈ
Rod – Temple Fork Outfitters
Reel – Abu Garcia
Bait – Berkley Fishing

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  1. Bass fishing is there anything better and I am addicted too it I am now 14 two years ago I started my channel and I am damn proud of it and I am finally getting close too my 1 k sub goal !!

  2. This is applicable to other places. My List from AZ.
    JIG (pitching with a craw trailer)
    Dropshot (roboworm fx sculpin, my favorite)
    Jerkbait (MB 110 or LC Pointer 78SP)
    Topwater (Spook, Frog, or Buzzbait – depends on time of day, shade, or boils) who doesn't love topwater!!!
    my 5th would be a deep crank over a spybait, although the main reason is that I don't have many spybaits but I have like 75 deepcranks. And it's mostly Largies!
    Great Video!

  3. That was a great list. Surprised me with some of your choices, specifically the spybait, but it got me to tie one on and I'll be throwing it this weekend.

  4. For me in Indiana the wobble head with a swimbait is a huge player. And… we already know how I feel about that spybait πŸ‹ Great video Ben

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