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REAL Big Bass Fishing Tips – Secret Denny Brauer Told Ish [ Catch a Trophy This December ]

You do need a long rod for punching mats for bass, but it doesn’t have to be a broomstick, if it is, you will lose fish. You want a fast reel, but not the super high ratios, because big fish will lock you up and you won’t have enough torque. Always a snell knot (period). Big heavy flipping hook and 1oz+, tungsten weight, maybe a punch skirt. Then comes Denny’s advice, what’s the right action rod for flipping? Should you use a softer tip rod?

Are you ready for a new personal best bass? While everyone may want one, not everyone is putting themselves in the best position to find – let alone catch – one. In this seminar, Ish Monroe goes in-depth on how he chases down big bass by utilizing topwater frogs and punching grass. Monroe shares his gear setup for each one, along with how he mentally approaches fishing for big fish.

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