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This Shallow Water Area Holds BIG BASS All Winter Long

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  1. Cool video!!!! Have you done one on same type of lake but temps were 41-47degree ?? Would love to see one. The lake your on looks like a few I fish here in Pa.

  2. Live Jimi’s enthusiasm about fishing, even on a cold day! Producing fish on a lake rarely fished makes it even better when you produce results! Outstanding job!

  3. Jimi, great video. I enjoy watching content from all of you and truly appreciate your different tactics and experience sharing tips and a little of your passion with us. Keep up the great work and look forward to more videos with you and the team.

  4. As much as I’d love to follow you, I’m done with YouTube…… ask me to take a gay quiz every dang time I open it. I’m sure it does that shit to every teenage kid that gets on as well. The link then takes them to a website that tries to groom them and convince them they are queer. I’m not viewing anything else on YouTube as long as they are attempting to push any sick agenda. Please start a rumble channel so normal Americans can view your content without having to turn our backs on our traditional values.

  5. You're idea of cranking slow and mine are def different. You were burning it in my world. I'll remember that. I move too slow with my retrieves and I know it.

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