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Big Bass Bundle | TRASH or Worth the $$$ (DON’T TRUST REVIEWS!)

Does this bundle SUCK or NO? I stumbled upon this box during the Black Friday sale at Bass Pro Shops. I was befuddled by the 2-star rating that someone gave. It was NOT helpful to me, and I had to order the box to decide for myself!



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PO Box 8546
Cedar Rapids IA, 52408


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  1. That was a surprisingly thorough box by BP. Just needs a fluke and ribbon tail worm for beginners/ bank stompers and you will be posting on Reddit in no time!

  2. Very helpful. Your additions make it worthwhile but even without those the price isn’t terrible. Especially if your just starting out and need a nice starter set

  3. Hmmmmm GOOMGEND
    Also, I would throw a pack of soft swimbaits or maybe flukes in the improved box to throw on those EWGs. That was a lot of bugs. Did I miss the weights? Gotta have at least a couple of 1/8oz at least for those rigs.
    Bass Pro has some surprisingly good hooks since they use VMC sometimes.

  4. Not a bad box at all , at least it has some name brand stuff in it and not all bass pro brand gear .
    These type of boxes are no doubt for the beginner angler . If I was just starting out I'd buy it . I went with one of these buy a box a month
    Company's a few yrs back and I got a whole bunch of knock off brands junk . I canceled my subscription.

  5. Since I am from Iowa too, Debo can't go wrong in what he puts in the box! Especially if you need plyers, that box is worth the money.

  6. Seems like a great box to get someone started fishing. I think they pliers are a nice touch. It's a pretty essential tool someone new might not think about having.

  7. Great video as always. Love your unboxing vids!

    I do Wana say i absolutely LOVE the Berkley fusion hooks. Only hooks I buy. All my EWGs, weighted wacky, offset worm and trebles to replace on hard baits They are sticky sharp, haven't lost a fish yet on them!

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