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Offshore Bass Fishing: How to LOCATE and CATCH Bass Offshore!

Offshore Bass Fishing: How to LOCATE and CATCH Bass Offshore! – Jason shows and gives you advice for catching bass offshore in the summertime. Jason runs you through his process of picking baits when offshore bass fishing and the what the look like on your electronics. Find out how to find offshore bass on your graphs and how to catch them.

Falcon Expert (EC-5C-178) –
Falcon Cara (CC-6-174HC) –
Lew’s BB1 Pro –
Lew’s HyperMag –
Sunline Sniper 12 lb. Fluorocarbon –
Sunline Shooter 18 lb. Fluorocarbon –

Bomber Fat Free Shad BD7F –
4.5″ Scottsboro Swimbait –
Yum Mighty Worm –
Yum Finesse Worm –

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Falcon Rods –
Lew’s Reels –
Lurenet Baits –
SunLine –
Trokar Terminal Tackle –

Garmin –
The Bass Tank –
T-H Marine –

Costa Tuna Alley – ​

** BOAT **
Xpress Boat –
Yamaha Motor –
PowerPole –
Seadek –
Easy Step –

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  1. It’s always good to learn from another Okie! Thanks for all the great tips Jason! I’m slowly getting the hang of the offshore fishing it is definitely a grind! I’ve got the shallow water fishing down lol

  2. Jason, LOVE the channel! My question is; I see guys with two bow graphs. If one is for forward facing sonar, what is the other used for? If you have forward facing, there's no need for down or side imaging. So is the second unit just for mapping? Appreciate the info.

  3. Dear Mr Christie thanks so much to you and Todd castledine and Mike McClelland for helping me decide what rod company to go with love the falcon videos that's what helped me so much we really appreciate the time and effort you guys put into making these videos. God bless you and all your families your pal fisherman Mike from Missouri.

  4. I watch at least 3 to 4 fishing videos a day and that was the best one this year. Mandatory watching for those wanting to understand the basics of offshore fishing. Thank You Jason

  5. The hoodie and shades then idling down the street… Christie rollin gangsta style gettin all in their personal space! Big Worm Big Perm!

  6. Would you say that's pretty typical when you find fish that you'll get bites like you did? Or like would you hit 5 spots like that one and only 1 might produce fish like it did?

  7. From a person who has had skin cancer multiple times, I love your new hoodie with how far it zips up.
    Also what size jig head for your swim bait?

  8. Hi Jason great video. Would you try a swing/wobble head jig in this situation? Everyone says it is like a weedless crankbait. And you can put any kind of soft plastics on it.

  9. The more I watch your videos the more I understand why Dave Mercer says your the most feared name in fishing. Ever since I was a young man I've watched fishing videos, but none have been as informative as yours are. I always learn so much. Good luck in your upcoming tournament.

  10. Should a weekend fun angler on Guntersville without spot lock or livescope even bother learning how to ledge fish or should they just go the John Cox route?

  11. When you said clean up bait I thought you were going to a finnesss size worm, then you whipped out the biggest worm I've seen in awhile.

  12. Great video! You are very good with these tutorial style videos. Pro fisherman in general are not afraid to share information and techniques as compared to other athletes. Why is that?

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