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Is the Texas Rigged Senko the BEST Bass Fishing Lure of All Time?!

Is the texas rigged senko the greatest bass fishing lure of all time? The gary yamamoto senko is an excellent bass fishing lure especially a texas rigged senko but some might argue it is the best bass lure of all time! The texas rigged senko has quickly become one of my favorite lures and as much as people hate to throw it it is one of the most effective lures at catching bass even with how simple it is. I almost always have some form of a texas rigged senko rigged up and you should too for any lake you fish!

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  1. If you where fishing off shore submerged weed beds would you still go weightless? 10’ to 13’ of water. I have your video’s set on notification. Keep them coming!

  2. Thank you for revitalizing my enthusiasm in this rig! Your thorough detail including rods, reels, hooks, colors, rigging, situation and covers has me checking my boxes and keeping it tied on. I always learn a lot and identify with your styles snd methods. You teach like a brother and make me feel I’m doing a lot of the right things in sync with you, piquing my confidence level. Thank you and please keep these coming!

  3. Do you pinch your barbs flat or snip them off or anything? I do and am wondering if it is a common thing that anglers do. I feel like the hook gets thrown a little more often but if I'm paying attention like I should be its no problem. I like to get my fish back in the water as quickly as possible and I hate trying to get a barb out sometimes.

  4. Nice testimonial video but I don’t think you answered the why question. I agree it’s a great bait but was looking for your opinion on the reason. More than just because it catches fish. Does it catch based on action, shape or ????

  5. Hey Nathan
    I have 2 questions one is on Crankbaits and other is Tournaments. Question on crankbait Using a shell crankbait the Bass are hitting it but not committing to it. Do I need to change out the size of the lure or is it the rod tip to soft.?
    My other question on tournament fishing. When it's a 5 fish limit. I've been going right out and getting my 5 fish over 12" long then work on my bigger fish. The last few tournaments I've been under under the weight but if I was to have the most fish in the live well I would win lol. So my question is it best to go and look for the bigger fish than getting my 5 fish limit?

  6. Caught my #10 this year on a 7 inch Gary weightless… Threw it ahead of my gheenoe was just moving slow with trolling motor..Went to pull my worm up and thought I had a Lilly pad for a split second lol..Nope ..26 inch Florida ten pounder… Orlando area

  7. I could not agree more most all my plastics are senko or fluke plastics just because I have so much more luck on them I do like a nice curly tail powerworm but at the end of the day senko all the way!

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