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Catch 3X More Bass On Frogs By Avoid These Mistakes | Bass Fishing Topwater Frogs

Follow Jonny and Jimi as they try to catch a 4lb bass in under 2 hours on Millwood Lake in Arkansas. Jonny teaches Jimi how he works a frog to get more bites than other anglers.

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Equipment Mentioned in this Video:

Frog Setup:
– SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog 60 Red Ear:
– Denali Lithium Pro Casting Rod 7’4″ Heavy Frog:
– Sunline Siglon PEx8 Braided Line Dark Green 50lb:
– Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:

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  1. It’s so strange about the “Frog Walk”, if you watch an actual Frog jump in the Water they usually move in a straight line. There is nothing like an explosion on a topwater Frog. I know you can always tell Tournament Anglers lol burning up that Lure back to the Boat lol great Video Guys. Stay safe

  2. Man thank you for showing that even sponsor partnerships and high quality gear that an Abu Garcia Black Max Can Hold It’s Own With The Pros and The Joes!!!! It’s my go to reel besides the silver max or an American Hero by Lews or the Mach Crush series by lews

  3. If you wanna go very slow with the walking technique pop some slack in it but leave the slack until just before the frog glides to a complete stop then pop it again and leave the slack, that way It has maximum room to walk again. Hard to explain lol

  4. Top water bass are my favorite! I cast as far I can to a weed bed, just pull the frog off the edge and work it so the frog looks like an easy meal, spending as much time as possible staying within 2' of the weed bed edge. You'll always get the aggressive bass but if you give a reluctant bass a little more time, he'll eat it too.

  5. FYI there has been some unfortunate scamming activity on your channel. I received a YouTube social notification that I was a potential winner and to contact them by texting some information to a number. After they claimed I was a winner, they would ship me prizes but that I would have to pay shipping. At this point I told them they were scammers and discontinued any further communication. So subscribers BEWARE!!!

  6. Hey Johnny duane Alfred thomas Cleveland Ohio, what a great day for the frog,, can you break down lake Erie central basin for us clevelanders,9th street and Edgewater,,55th Marina's some areas I'm fishing

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