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Fishing with the WORLD’S WORST Fishing Lures!!! (Bass Fishing Challenge)

I tried to fish the world’s worst fishing lures to see if they would actually work! Surprisingly, I actually pulled off this crazy bass fishing challenge! If you enjoyed this video please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more fishing videos, bass fishing videos, and bass fishing challenges in the future!

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  1. Damn always looking for the best lures and here you are. Some of them honestly seemed like great ideas though. Can’t say I don’t question if your pond has ridiculous amount of fish though? None the less pretty entertaining to watch.

  2. Cool Video Guys, I’ve been wondering about the Cheap Frogs, I just got back into Fishing after being off for 2 decades and do not have much Bread or Lures. Stay safe my Friend Semper Fidelis

  3. Man can catch fish or even get bites on the worst lures, and I cant even get a bite on any type of lure.
    went fishing for 8-10 hours a week and got no bites or nothing the past 2-3 weeks

  4. Watching this video is actually quite discouraging because this guy is catching fish on ridiculous baits and I can’t even catch one with legit baits. 🤷‍♂️

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