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Largemouth Bass on the Chickahominy River

In this month’s fishing report we highlight techniques for targeting quality largemouth bass on tidal systems such as the Chickahominy River.

Learn how to approach tidal largemouth fisheries with a variety of techniques to find success even in late summer. Dr. Mike Bednarksi, DWR’s Chief of Fisheries, shares his knowledge on how to fish through the tides. Mike explains how fish orient to structure on falling and rising tides and how you need to position yourself for success! As an added bonus we show off the first ever state record archery goldfish.

To learn more about our wildlife management areas and the fishing opportunities that exist click the following link:


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  1. You don't want to hold bass that large vertically by the lip – it can damage the muscles and ligaments that work their jaws, and they can't feed effectively. Put a hand under their belly to support their weight.

  2. This was a great video about tidal river bass fishing, but if the DWR is serious about a monthly report, you should start reaching out to other anglers to get a better idea about fishing conditions throughout the state. Thanks for all that you do

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