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Fishing for big bass on a Welsh surf beach

Join Phil in his quest for big bass at one of the best surf beaches in Wales.

The video is packed with hints and tips that should help you land a nice bass or two.

This episode was recorded and edited by Tom Jehu who has his own YouTube channel called Scaley Journal –

We’d like to thank Tom for his great efforts and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!


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  1. Another excellent video guys. You're proper thinking anglers – no showing off, just straightforward application of what you see and what you know. Seeing friends in Kidwelly next month so will give Cefn Sidan a visit. Keep up the good work

  2. When you mentioned walking back with a big bait made me think of a Cardiff Sea anglers comp in 86. I had read that a big Bass become scavengers and pick up anything so with that in mind I put on a double Sand eel bait and did the walk back and had a 12lb Bass which was a club record. We fished a night time comp at Monknash it was a crazy night as my mate had pb Small Eye ray and we witnessed a catch of a Monkfish which had to be 20lb plus…happy days. Great vid thanks for posting 👍

  3. Love your videos but I think you might have it wrong here. For Cefn Sidn it’s a one rod setup which you hold all the time, the tide runs in too fast for two rods, & you’re casting way too far. Wading to the second breaker & casting to the third, almost horizontally produces the best results. Same as Llangennith which imo is a better beach with more variety of fish. Haven’t fished there for forty years but probably not changed too much.

  4. Good fishing mate you know your stuff like you to give me some pointers on catching bass on the fly down bury port way I don't know the area very well good video btw

  5. love the videos pal. been wanting to get in to sea fishing for a long time but with it being so confusing knowing what set up i need rigs etc then knowing where to fish and nobody will give away there marks ive just just thought boll** to it. but ive been buying some kit here and there so hopefully get out and start this week at some point. you are local to me by the looks of it. im in pontarddulais

  6. Excellent video Phil. Your patience is impressive! I've caught very few decent bass on worms, those razors could produce though. All my biggest bass came on slipper limpets, fish (only) baits and many on white rag. I will be trying uncooked king prawns this year as an experiment. Looks like the perfect surf for bass to me – not too big, not too weedy. Tight lines

  7. Put the hook onto the grabs to cast, it will come off when it hits the water, less damage done to the bait. I found the first 2 hours dead opposite the deters row beach entrance to be a waste of time, a lot of weed gathers in the dip between bank and beach as the tide comes in. If you go further to the right at low tide, there is less weed. I tend to move to the left as I move back, getting closer each time to the beach exit. If you are using the deters row entrance. I love Cefen Siden beach, I've had some fantastic bass off that beach. And my fair share of blanks as well. May to late June, lots of smooth hounds on that beach. EDIT also keep a sharp eye out for large queen cockles, they are incredible bait for Bass.

  8. Hi guys, going on a evening session down penarth beach Friday the 20th of august any tips on the best places to go down there? Used to do a lot of fishing when I was younger and now just getting back into it any tips would be gratefully appreciated! Keep up the brilliant videos 🎣

  9. Hi phill and lloyd you ok lads. Wow you've upped game even more . Top quality filming very professional . Thanks for all ya tips . All the best lads from grimsby on the humber.

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