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Night Time Bass Fishing Tips & Secrets I Fishing Soft Plastics for Big Bass at Night

If you like to fish at night to target big bass check out this video for some tips, tricks and secrets that I share on how to catch them with big soft plastics.

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  1. Bass fishing is there anything better and I am addicted too it I am now 14 two years ago I started my channel and I am damn proud of it and I am finally getting close too my 1 k sub goal !

  2. Great night time tips James! I recently past few years started using a wobble head for that added attraction. Really works well with those big worms or creature baits.

  3. Being a Bass fisherman in AZ I've done my fair share of night fishing. The best advice I can give anyone going night fishing is keep it simple. Everyone tends to fish completely different baits or use different techniques. Whatever you catch with during the day use at night. Do you suddenly not like a certain food cuz it's dark outside?

  4. I actually live next to Lake Champlain, but I work in Miami and have been fishing out in the Everglades for bass and peacocks… and recently the fish bite has shut down!… but I am definitely going to try throwing a big worm out there and see if that gets their interest… wish me luck!

  5. I have never thrown like a mag shaky head worm at night, always paddle tails or curly tails. So you have caught them on a 8 or 10 inch flat tail worm at night??? Also on almost full or full moon nights do you throw a colored tail on your worms????

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