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How to Fish Topwater Lures for Big Bass

This topwater bait fishing seminar is 1 of 3 conducted by bass fishing tournament angler Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. In part 1, he introduced the lures: walking baits, poppers and prop baits ( In part 2, he discussed the rods, reels and line he recommends for fishing these topwater lures ( and in this final video, Iaconelli talks about how to fish these lures to generate explosive topwater bites from big bass!

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  1. Dam good Instructor, he really doesn't let YOU, assume anything!!!!! You can tell he's a PROFESSIONAL Fisherman, and INSTRUCTING !

  2. Iaconelli is the most annoying fishing personality to hold a fishing pole. I DVR everything I watch. 1st to skip commercials, 2nd convenience & 3rd to fast forward through ppl like Iaconelli & his over dramatic kindergarten non-sense.

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