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Easy Bass Fishing for ANYONE – Affordable Fishing for Beginners

Is there an easy and affordable way for anyone, especially beginners, to fish for bass? Yes! A wacky rigged stick bait (senko) on a weedless hook is a great place to start. Stick baits can be found at very affordable prices if you look for them on sale. I am using the same Big Bite Baits lures as the last video. They worked so well that it was easy to catch 6 bass over a couple trips. That’s 6 largemouth bass for $1.50! I am still using the super affordable $15 Lew’s combo I purchased at Walmart. Anyone can get started catching bass with a similar, easy and affordable setup. Yes, even a beginner.


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  1. Its good that you show people that you can catch fish with cheap stuff. Ive hooked and caught up to 50 lbs fish on a cheap Walmart rod with a cheap 40-50 lbs test line in salt water

  2. Way to stick it out in Storm, Alex. We've been in a hot drought all summer here in Missouri. So, yesterday mother nature decides to unload on us. Over 12 inches of rain in about 7 hrs.! We're flooded here in St. Charles MO. So many ppl affected. Fish are now coming to me. Lol…stay safe and tight lines.

  3. I caught many panfish just for fun but I've always been curious as to how to catch bigger fish …like bass , carp, and catfish …I been using a 10$ rod and 3$ reel from wish

  4. I jus random landed here and my bait be different lol welll good luck buddy enjoy fishing and I am off to take my grandkids on adventure that includes fishing and nature and flower bandit lol day !

  5. Finally someone actually explained everything I needed from the hook and bait to how to actually catch the thing. I'm a beginner and I couldn't understand why you don't use a bobber cause it just felt like my bait is just sinking into lake muck at the bottom, I didn't know you were supposed to shake it like that to mimic a worm in the bottom of the lake.

  6. Saw this video a few years ago. I believe it was probably the first video of yours I watched tbh. Ever since then I've loved this channel. I even bought the rod used here lol. And it's my favorite rod.

  7. I like that you show that fishing is not always easy. Most youtubers only show them catching fish every cast. Realistically that does not happen. I love your videos.

  8. I know this is an old video but could you do a video on how to catch smaller bass in heavily pressured ponds, I live in an area with only a handful of bass spots most of them are incredibly weedy small ponds that are heavily fished and dont hold many large bass, the other spot I have is a larger pond but super shallow 1-3' in most places with the deepest around 10 15'and hold pretty much only bass and a few sunfish but most of them are only around a 1lb and as the water is crystal clear and shallow it can make it really difficult to catch anything

  9. THANK YOU. For not overthinking everything. I keep finding stupid videos where the dude makes it sound like you need to first understand the 284 different kinds of plastic worms and how to put each one on a hook in 357 different ways and learn how to use that exact jig or whatever in 48 different ways before you can even think about catching ANY fish

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