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Hey Junkies, fishing a tube can catch you more fish than fishing a Jig. Everyone throws a jig, but the tube is being thrown less and less. Throw something the fish haven’t seen as often and you’ll catch more fish. In this video we talk about how to fish a tube, how to rig a tube, and the gear to use.

Okuma Jig Worm Rod

Okuma MH Fast action

Trokar Tube Hook

Tube Rigging

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  1. This old video popped up in my inbox, so I watched it. I agree with you. A tube is underrated, and works as well as a jig sometimes too. Thanks man. ✌🏻😎🎣

  2. I have somewhat the same rig except I use the Calcutta 200gtb I think I brought the last one at bass pro shop they don't make these any longer the rod heavy action with somewhat a softer tip I like the slower reels they have more pulling power always used the round reels

  3. Very informative. I've been looking for a good video on tubes. Most of the the other videos are just a guy sitting in a boat talking about a tube. I like to actually see someone fishing a bait. What tube were you using ? Thank you..

  4. TUBE FISHING SECRET!!!!! TRICK NOBODY KNOWS!! Use a bobber stop at 16-20 inches above hook…, Bbber Stops above and below weight to keep it in place. Keeping weight away from tube gives PERFECT action!!! And can feel ALL hits, too close to lure, you get zero action, too far away from lure, you can't feel the bite….MICHIGAN MAN, KNOWS BASS! Just try it once (only 4-4.5 inch WHITE tubes).

  5. Finally someone who realizes can throw a tube at Largemouth!!! I'm telling ya, WHITE! WHITE WHITE WHITE!! clean, muddy, river, lake, stream, pond, sun rain sleet snow!!!! White 4" tube with 4/0 EWG hook, 1/8 ounce bullet sinker.

  6. When I hear "tubes", I think of tumbling or bouncing along the bottom with the current in a river. Never thought of trying tubes in lakes. Guess I have a new plan for next weekend….

  7. Wow great video. I really want to try this! No one in my area (North Carolina) uses them that I know of so maybe this will give the fish something different. Can you recommend a tube size and hook size? What I mean how to pair tube size with proper hook size. I assume 4-4.5" tubes work best with 4/0 hooks. Thanks.

  8. Here in the north west been using tubes " gitzit's " since early 80's. California, Oregon and Washington. They are extremely productive for large and small mouth

  9. Thanks for the tips on fishing a tube bait. I’ve been looking for a video on a proper way to fish them and stumbled across yours. Look forward to getting out there and trying what I learned. Fish on!👍🎣

  10. Try the venom lures 5inch flipping tube with a 5 or 6/0 owner wide gap + hook in green pumpkin chartreuse! Killer large mouth bait. I live in Nebraska and it is my go to bait

  11. Dude I been bass fishing all my life , and based on your video, i tyed on a tube for the first time last month , on a cloudy wet cold windy day, and slap wore the bass & crappie out on a small local lake here in middle georgia, im not kidding , 13 LMB , 9 crappie on a green pumpkin tube , texas rigged , in shallow water , around lay downs and stumps, thank you for the eye opener to a great & over looked bait , tight lines "BRO"

  12. I'll definitely try the tube next time I fish a more pressured lake. Thanks for sharing your secrets, man. These videos have helped me land some pigs in the past; hopefully I'll get one on the T-rig tube!

  13. I normally don’t comment a lot on videos but this one video has taught me more about retrieves than any of the hundreds of YouTube fishing videos I’ve watched. I’m fairly new to bass fishing and the way you explained fishing a tube I can use for a number of baits. Keep up the good content. I will definitely be saving this video.

  14. Have you ever tried the solid-core tubes from Keitech rigged up-side-down? Nice "back sliding" action that goes back at the fish after it is jerked away from them. I think they weigh 1/2 ounce so you can cast them a long way.

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