Must Haves For Summer Bass Fishing

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Follow along my journey as I attempt to catch trophy bass, hone my craft, entertain, and share my learning experiences.

Favorite Baits: Chatterbait, Crankbait, Jerkbait, Shaky Head, Spro Frogs.

Favorite Equipment: 13 Fishing Inception Reel, 13 Fishing Envy Rod, Caymas Boats, Mercury Fourstroke Pro XS, Fuji Rod Components, Striker, Untamed Tackle, SPRO, and Gamakatsu Hooks.

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  1. Request – travel vlog going to tournaments and practice videos. One bait always on the deck in summer – a wing ding (tail spinner that line goes through – casts a mile – always ready when they come up schooling in summer). Huge fan and love your videos!!!!

  2. Thanks for another great video. One of my go to set ups for summer fishing (Lake Eufaula) is a5" Fighting Frog Talipia Magic, 1/2 oz Tungsten weight 5/0 EWG hook on 17# Fluorocarbon, 7' 3" MH mod-fast rod and an 8.3 reel. This is a killer when fishing trash piles.

  3. Do you think you could do a video on punching heavy matts of grass, lilly pads and the lure set up you use please. Going to be fishing lake harding and lake martin this summer. Thanks for you knowledge and videos.

  4. Always happy to eat my cereal and watch your fishing videos in the morning! Before my fishing adventures got out yesterday! And caught some decent wild trout in the middle of the city! And got my driving learner’s permit!
    No fishing Mother’s Day weekend right now though😢

  5. I would love to see a video on fishing giant worms. Anywhere from 10 to 14 inches! We love throwing them here in Florida. Especially the zoom ole monster! Keep up the amazing content broski.

  6. I fish Lake Martin an Wedowee during the summer in AL. Can't go wrong with a wacky rig! Skipping docks for sure! Great content I watch every video. Thanks! Keep it up!!

  7. When you throw a buzz bait or plopper style bait do you fish it just early or late in the day or do you fish it all day long in the shady areas or does that matter? Thanks love the channel.

  8. I love a buzzbaits from now to November, always use a trailer and don't use a trailer hook generally. Since watching you, I have become a frog freak. Used to be a horneytoads freak and have caught a gazillion on them. Still enjoying your videos, especially with Ms Hunter in the boat. Thanks.

  9. You're missing the summer chatterbait 😂. Honestly chatterbait on points yoyoing during the summer catches a few reactions. But the downside is the amount of cats the equally hammer on it.

  10. 13 fishing rods all seem to have a really short handle i think 13 or 14 in. Has that messed with you at all since you aren't running customs anymore? I build my own rods and I like 16 in handles and your old rods looked atleast closer to that length,

  11. Would like to hear you talk about line. In depth what size and type for different techniques and how braid vs flouro impacts action and bite percentage.

  12. I still catch a lot of fish on a old school crazy shad around cover! Also still use a pop r but I file the lower lip and add a split ring to it and change the hooks to larger ones.

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