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How to Bank fish with a Spinnerbait for big Bass

I take the viewer to a central Missouri watershed lake and explain how I fish a spinnerbait for big bass. I key in on the laying logs and the shallow shoreline and not the deep middle of the lake. As a bonus I catch the largest Hybred Bass I’ve ever caught!


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  1. Roland , on march 26th i was fishing in middle of a servere thunder storm with sky to ground lightning , so about 09:27Am i get my bait caster and tie on the googan squad micro zinger spinner bait solid white , on my last cast i caught a lil 2pound largemouth , so i ran inside fast as i could safely go , with ole 2 pounds dangling on the hook i show my mom while i was on the verge of tears , she says why do i look like im about to be in tears , which i replied cause this is my 1st Largemouth bass on my 1st baitcaster on the spinnerbait this year , i swear that spinnerbait saved my life that day , then aftet i took photos so post on instagram i ran back out and released ole 2 pounds in the water , but i swear the spinnerbait saved my life

  2. You’re the man Roland!! I lost what I guessed was prolly a 7 or 8 lb bass on a chatterbait on Saturday, I thought to myself, what would Roland have said that would have helped me not lose it πŸ˜…

  3. Love it Rowland your helping people learn how to employ basic bass fishing. I met you on person in the mid 90's and you are the most approachable pro fisherman I've ever met.

  4. Roland ive been watching you since i was a boy with my old man, im 40 now and nothing has changed – love your stuff and approach to fishing. Youre still out here catching PBs casually off the bank πŸ˜‚ just amazing! Much love from NY!

  5. Yesssssirrrrr
    I love bank fishing 🎣

    Roland, I got a bite on a Texas rig
    Finally, set a hook like you and pros do … I saw my line swimming πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ off ….
    ….. I was like, FINALLY! After 42 YEARS …… So, I reeled down
    and set the hook πŸͺπŸŸ hard!
    Felt great!

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