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EVERY Fisherman Should Know THIS About FLUKES

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  1. used a texas rigged fluke last night at a private pond fishing with 2 friends. my 2 friends were using whopper ploppers and caught 2 bass each. I caught 10 bass and the biggest bass of the day at 2lbs 9oz. Flukes are the best damn bait around.

  2. a white fluke is by far my most confident lure. If i cant get a bite, i will get one easy on a white fluke. A lot of the time, i like to pair it with a Owner Flashy Swimmer. It looks like an erratic school of shad or minnow.

  3. I use a offset shank 3/0 ,12lb line , and there great for Top water river small mouth,, catch lots of 1-3 lbrs , the big ones don't seem to want to ride for it though

  4. Man you wouldn't believe it. I got 2nd! Winning AOY and qualifying for the bassmaster kayak championship! Ended up throwing a 10xd on a bluff wall right off the main river channel. Appreciate you man. Keep up the content! Wouldn't have won without you and also Johnny.

  5. Hey Jimi, When you say you like to fish the Carolina Rig deep is there a certain depth range you are looking for these post-spawn/summer bass? Thanks!

  6. Got some bad news to share. I caught a decent bass earlier, and laid my Denali rod down across my deck to unhook the bass. Well I go to pick it up, and half of it is laying under my cleat on my boat rail. Well needless to say it bent backwards and snapped my lithium pro in half 🤬🤬. That's the 2nd rod I've broke in the past 2 weeks like that. I've got to pay more attention when I'm picking them up. But yeah those lithium pro rods are freaking sweet. A guy that runs our local club tournaments got a bunch for free from Denali, so I'll have a replacement tomorrow lol.

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