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LURE fishing for bass in strong tide

A good chunk of my bass fishing is focused on environments of higher than usual tidal flow. This can be caused by many features but the main point is it creates a choke point for bait and the bass go mad for it. Fishing these marks can be a little daunting. The approach must be well considered for success!

In this video I fish one of my favourite marks. The tide really does rip here so the right technique is key to success.


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  1. Nice! I've walked around that whole area scoping for marks, and along with the pool, decided where you were looked good.
    Seeing this defo has my heart racing, might even pop my rod in the work van tomorrow and have a few chucks after work!
    Thanks for sharing, always buzzed to see local marks to me producing the goods.

  2. For anyone fishing on the very end of the spot, please be extremely careful of the very loose, uneven and very sharp rocks piled up at the end. I had a fall there last night going over the rocks, fortunately I only have a bruised knee but it could have been a lot worse. My Major craft lure rod survived intact too, thankfully!

  3. i did alot of lure fishing on the southj coast of cornwall with 3g metals and had a 38cm bass which is my biggest. i also had launce and corbins sandeel both on a 1.5g ecogear jighead and grassminnow. good video bud.

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